February 26, 2007

Stitches – the Aftermath

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Well it all turned out okay. Cookie decided she will be selling patterns – at least in kit form and maybe individually. So Margie passed all the order requests we collected on to her. We did take care of two of the international folks. One was the one who started this whole frenzy and I figured she should get points for asking first. Margie decided to buy for the list member in Norway on the grounds that she might have a harder time getting things any other way. The rest of the folks who wanted patterns were in the US or Canada. Cookie shouldn’t have any trouble selling directly to them.

All of which means… I got to buy stuff.


This is my modest pile of Stitches purchases. I bought all of the patterns Cookie had available on Friday (there’s one more pattern that she didn’t have printed up yet – so I’ll probably be ordering a kit from her myself). I also bought a bit of yarn and fiber.

My first purchase was actually made before the market even opened. Rebecca had purchased some yarn from Brooks Farm Yarns and decided she needed one more hank just to be safe. Unfortunately she had a class in the morning so she asked Robin to pick up the yarn for her. Robin, Carel and I were all working at friends’ booths so we had vendor tags and could get inside early. We went by Brooks Farm booth to see if they had more of the color. They were there getting restocked and set up for the day. They weren’t quite ready to deal with customers but they let us make a couple of purchases anyway. I decided that the new yarn Rebecca wanted more of would make a very nice Clapotis. I’ve been meaning make one of those for ages but I keep changing my mind about what yarn I want to use. I’ve decided now. I using this:


The yarn is Acero which is a blend of 60% superwash wool, 20% silk and 20% viscose. I bought two hanks in the Mobie colorway. At 420 yards per hank, I should have plenty for a nice Clapotis and at $17 a hank it was a steal!

Next up…


I couldn’t leave Stitches without any new sock yarn. I decided to get Lisa Souza’s Sock! in the Lime & Violet colorway. I listen to the podcast, now I can knit the colors.

I also followed my usual habit of picking up some lace yarn.


This is from Tess’ Designer Yarns and is new for this year. It’s Superwash Lace, 100 % Merino wool in 500 yard hanks. They had it prepack in color gradient bags. You could get various numbers of hanks from 3 to 12 (they also had singles available). The color ranges tended toward the bright and rainbow-ish but the had some gray and brown sets too. Most of the hanks were solid colors. I almost got one in  similar shades but with varigated hanks. Ultimately, I decide the solids would be easier to knit up. I won’t need to keep to a simple pattern since there’s no varigation mucking things up. I do plan to put all three of these together in a shawl. I’ll probably put the lime on the bottom and the blue on top but I may go the other way.  We’ll see.

I also picked up some Roving.


I wasn’t going to buy any roving but this color was so pretty and it was only $5.99 for 4 oz. How could I resist? Clearly, I couldn’t. This came from Angora Cottage. Despite the name the roving is in fact 100% Colonial Wool.

I’ve really got to get that spinning wheel. I’ve got too much roving for me to spindle spin it. The sort of time that spindling takes is time I’d rather be knitting. Anybody got a used wheel they’d like to sell?

Ingrid said:

I love your swatches – and the colors work well together. Very inspiring!

Thanks. I’m having fun with it. It’ll be interesting come April when I change the colors for Project Spectrum. This is going to be one colorful afghan.

Sarah said:

Oh, no! Hopefully most of them will come through with PayPal…

Well as you can see from the above, it all worked out. No one got upset that I wasn’t buying patterns for them and I can still afford to pay my rent on the first.

Spunk said:

I don’t want to spam or anything, but I think you might like this site. http://www.knittingpassion.com/ A friend of mine who loves knitting runs it.

Very pretty pictures to the right.

Thanks for the heads up (and the compliment). I’ll take a look.

Oh, I almost forgot. I finished the first Bumblebug sock:


I’ll get the pattern written up so I can test it with the second sock. Once I’m reasonably sure it makes sense, I’ll post the pattern here for anyone who wants it.


February 21, 2007

Someday Maybe I’ll Learn

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But probably not.

What am I talking about? I belong to a yahoo group that does monthly (more or less) sock-a-longs. I signed up last fall and until recently I’ve just been lurking. Yesterday I saw a post from a group member in Canada. She’d been reading Cookie’s blog and fell in love with one of the patterns she’s going to sell at stitches. She put a call out to the group to see if there were any SF Bay Area members who could buy the pattern for her. I delurked and said I was going.

So far okay.

The problem came in because Cookie’s patterns are really fabulous and the yahoo group has a lot of far flung members. Orders and requests started flooding my inbox. Stitches West starts tomorrow. Clearly there isn’t enough time for people to send me money ahead of time. Even if there was time, Cookie hasn’t finalized her prices. So… All the money I had to blow at Stitches is now going to be used to buy patterns. I will get the money back but I won’t have it for Stitches.

Looking at the size of my stash, this might actually be a very good thing.

If I’d just emailed the Canadian group member directly though… oh well. Live and learn – hopefully!

February 20, 2007


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Just a little progress report. I haven’t been saying too much about Project Spectrum but I have been knitting for it where I could. Remember that the first triad of colors is blue, white and gray? Now look at the WTP swatches I’ve been doing:


Notice anything? 😉

I already bought more of the same yarn for when the colors change after March. I’ve also signed up for more swatches since I’m getting close to the end of the first batch. Given the size of the Walker books and all the patterns in them I don’t think I’ll have any trouble stretching this out over the entire Project Spectrum time frame. When it’s all over I’ll be putting these swatches together – pretty much the way they look in this picture. That’s the main reason for always using the same yarn. I think it’s going to make a pretty, light weight afghan. Given that I’m in coastal California, light weight will be very useful. Once the swatches are all assembled I may decide to put a fabric backing on it to add a little strength to the finished piece. Then again, I may decide it isn’t needed.

I’ve also been working a bit on the Jitterbug socks in the bright charcoal color. I’m thinking once those are done I’ll write up the pattern and put it up here as another freebie (thereby finally justifying the plural free patterns heading). I’ll take a picture when I’ve finished the first sock.

Sarah said:

Being somewhere at 8am, even to hang out with knitters, just does not fall within the realm of my abilities! I posted the last comment before seeing you last Friday (which was nice, btw!) I love how the Beetons turned out — Silky Wool is good times.

Too early for you huh? Yeah, I knew that comment was from before. My response was more in the way of an invitation. I’ll probably see you at some point on Friday – meaning at Stitches this time. Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the Beetons. I’m pleased with them too. As much as I love Silky Wool, I wasn’t sure how it would work in this pattern. Because of the silk content and the way it’s spun Silky Wool lacks the sort of elasticity you’d expect to find in most wool blends. I was afraid it would fall flat in the ribbed sections. Happily, it didn’t. The wristlets stretch and hold just fine.

Gretchen said:

Just found out about your blog yesterday-  gave myself a crick in the neck reading it from the start forward!  It energizes me as much as a look at any of your terrific projects.  I’ll look for you if I get up to Stitches (funny how I got there more often when it was farther from my house. . .)

Hi Gretchen! I’m not sure I’ve seen you since I started the blog. We’re always at the shop on different days. I’m glad you found it and thanks for nice comments. 

Maybe having Stitches be local means you don’t have to make plans to go. Since you don’t have to make plans, you get distracted and end up forgetting about it. Or perhaps, if you’re busy you think: it’s so close, I’ll just go tomorrow. Next thing you know it’s 5pm on Sunday and too late. Just a theory. I’ll only be at Stitches on Friday, hope you make it there. Join us for breakfast if it’s not to early for you.

February 18, 2007

Almost Ready

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For Stitches West that is.

I finished all the samples I’d promised. The Noni Majolica Bag is all done, see:

Admittedly, I’d have felted it more. The person who did the actual felting was the shop owner who is keeping this bag though so I figure she must be content with it this way. When I make mine I’ll run it through the wash a few more times. Or, really, I’ll have my friend run it through the wash. I don’t have a machine and laudramats are both a bit risky and quickly expensive.

The only other sample I had to get done for Stitches was a pair of Mrs. Beeton’s. As planned, I started them after I’d sent the bag off for felting. Also as planned, I got them done in plenty of time. No real surprise there, they are small.

These were made from Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Deep Black and Madil Kid Seta in um… I forgot to write it down, sorry. It’s pink, orange, white and gray. The beads were all clear with silver centers.

I also finished up a design prototype. That’s not for Stitches but finishing it meant I got paid and the money is my Stitches allowance. Yay! More yarn and toys! Not that I need more of course.

I’ll be at Stitches on Friday. Shopping in the morning and working the booth in the afternoon. Some friends are planning to meet up for breakfast at the hotel restaurant at 8 am. A few of them will have been at the preview market on Thursday so we’ll all get a chance to hear about the don’t miss it items.

Sarah said:

I like the flowers you chose for yourself, and the idea you had to trail the vine partway up the handle. That will be really cool. Have fun finishing this Noni — maybe I’ll see you (and it) in person Friday!

Thanks. Part of the reason for changing it up a bit is to avoid doing exactly the same thing twice. I think the smaller flowers will make it a more usable bag though. Are you going to join us for breakfast on Friday? Hope so. The more the merrier.

Bronach said:

*cringe* Death by sock. Tragic.

But what a way to go! One of the fun things about these games is seeing how all the different yarns work up in the same pattern. The same is true of more traditional knitalongs but I haven’t participated in one of those yet. I really should. I might manage to get another UFO off the needles if I did.

PS. I added another swatch to the WTP, Fancy Chevrons.

February 14, 2007

Death Becomes Her – Twice!

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Yup, my career as a knitting killer has once again been cut short. I received these in the mail:
This comfy pair of socks knocked me out of Death by Socks, round 1. On the plus side they’re a color I definitely use and there made from Opal Cotton which is a yarn I don’t have in my sock stash. I’ve got one ball of the wool Opal but no cotton. This will give me a chance to see how this yarn wears. That’s really the reason for wanting to try every sock yarn out there. I want to see how they well they wear and how they are to knit with. If these wear well I’ll have to get some more to check on its knitablity.

My sock death was so sudden I’d only managed to add about an inch to these:
They’re on their way to my killer now. These socks will have passed through the hands of at least five knitters before they reach their target.

So that’s death number one. Death number two is a little messier.

My Headgames killer mailed a finished hat to me on January 29th. It was coming from inside the USA via standard first class mail. It should have been here by now. It isn’t. Since the assassin did everything right, I didn’t want to penalize her. I also didn’t want there to be any hint on impropriaty (I’m assisting the organizer of Headgames), so I went ahead and called myself dead. I still hope that the hat will show up but I didn’t want to leave the game hanging. It’s down to the last three knitters and there should be a winner soon.

Ingrid said:

I love your swatches – they’re very delicate and pretty! Even the names are great: “The Cloisters”. I’m looking forward to FO photos for the Noni bag (though I bet you are too looking at the size of those flowers and the knitting involved. A foot per flower. My goodness.)

Sorry I didn’t respond to this comment last time. Akismet (the blog comments spam blocker) inexplicably decide you were spam! The nerve.

I’m liking the swatches too. I just posted another one. Several other swatches have been added as well. Slowly but surely the archive is growing.

Sarah said:

That Noni bag felted up beautifully — I love how that big flower turned out! Can’t wait to see how the one you’re making for yourself knits up!

I still have to sew the Noni bag together. I’ll probably do that on Friday after I’ve had the chance to go to the embroidery shop. The only strong thread I have is black buttonhole twist. Since the bag isn’t going to be lined – at least for now – it needs to look okay on the inside. Black thread doesn’t cut it. I figure I’ll get some green or teal silk to match the bag colors. That should look quite a bit better and still be stong.

I bought another Noni pattern. This one isn’t a bag though. It’s just some more of her flowers: the Mandeville Vines & White Jasmine Flowers. When I make the Majolica bag for myself, I’m going to use these new flowers to embellish it. That way my bag will be a bit different. It should be fun.

February 12, 2007

And… It’s Parts!

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Noni bag parts

Lot’s of parts, but they’re all felted now. As you can see by the yarn stick at the bottom of the picture, things didn’t shrink too much. But everything tightened up nicely.

Here’s a close up of the big flower:
felted flower

As you can see the holes from the quick and dirty short rows have closed up leaving nothing but a line of dimples.

For those who always like to turn things over:
noni bag interior

The inside of the bag. Yes, I did change how I was dealing with the floats about halfway down. It was a deliberate change. I want the bottom to be a little more flexible. The top needed to be more solid to support those giant flowers.

Coming soon: the finished bag!

Céline said:

Hiya Nephele,

I just went to check out the SweetSheep Shop… argh! What a treasure chest! Thanks for the tip  I always appreciate a good enabler 

As for the popularity thing… I think mass media have accustomed us to view popularity with “mass figures”, but those come from the fact that the offer (of TV shows for example) are relatively limited. Thus, lots of people watch a given show, but we know nothing of whether they love it, listen to it out of boredom, or if it just stands as background noise. As you pointed out, there are really lots and lots of blogs, with various purposes and profiles. They are more in the “micro-segment marketing” spectrum of things, if one wants to use these terms.

In this particular case, you have to take into account that the L&V and the WTP are done by collectives to sustain a whole bunch of people to participate into a project. It is not a fair comparison for an individual blog IMO. We go to different types of blogs for different reasons.

Personaly, what I like about blogs, is that I get to see and read things I would never get on mass media, they are more personal, and I have a much stronger feeling towards the blogs I like than towards TV shows, because I really have CHOICE and get a a feeling of the person who writes them.

All this rambling on to say, hey, those who read your blog really like YOU and it is more about the quality of the feeling of your readership towards you than about the quantity of your readers.

I ALWAYS am inspired by your blog

Pardon me while I wait for the blush to fade. Thank you. I’m glad you like it and I appreciate all you kind words. I do realize the WTP will naturally draw more general interest. The content is pretty much all pictoral and that has an entirely different sort of appeal.

I don’t really expect to get those sorts of numbers – not anytime soon at any rate – maybe in about four years after I’ve written a best selling book or something. In fact, I felt really good the day I logged in and saw that I’d hit 44 page views the day before (still my best day). It was more about being tired and depressed (which turned out to be the start of a bought of flu). I’m better now, sick, but not depressed and your comments helped – not with the sick part but we can’t have everything.

Ingrid said:

I second that. To use a TV analogy, “News Radio”, “Farscape”, and “Serenity” were woefully unpopular in the ratings, but brilliant and developed a loyal cult following. Your blog is like Farscape: brilliant with devoted readers, however small in number (for the time being). That being said, I missed knitting this weekend! Next Friday I’m there with all my UFO’s trailing behind me:)

Okay, more blushes – or maybe that’s the fever? See Friday, hopefully I’ll be healthy again by then.

I just flashed on an image of all MY ufo’s trailing behind me! Man, that’s a long trail.

February 11, 2007

Secret Pal 10

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I heard back yesterday on my application to join the next Secret Pal exchange.  I’m in! So here is the obligatory questionaire post. Secret Pal and the curious, read on. All others, feel free to skip this post.

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
Favorites? It varies but tweedy wools are always appreciated. I have no need for any 100% acrylic yarns but then it’s a rare bird that does.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
I have several sizes of zippered mesh bags. They keep my needles reasonably neat and sorted.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I’ve been knitting about 25 years now. I taught myself from books. I think it’s fair to  rate myself as advanced.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
Yeah, I have an Amazon list – I even remembered to remove the items I’ve purchased recently 😉

5. What’s your favorite scent?
Easy, fresh cut lemons.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
Boy, do I! My favorite is simple dark chocolate, the darker the better maybe with some nuts or dried fruit mixed in but plain is great.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
These days I’m pretty much all about the knit. I have a couple of drop spindles and I’m itching to get my hands on a wheel – I wouldn’t be surprised if I bought one before the year is out. I’ve tried almost everything crafty at one time or another but other than a bit of drawing that’s pretty much it for current arts and crafts.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
MP3s? Yes, no problem. I also own an iPod but it has more books on it than songs. I vary a lot in my music tastes – this might not be a safe catagory to delve into unless it’s something lurking on my Amazon list.

9. What’s your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can’t stand?
I like pretty much all colors. I can’t wear yellow, green, pastels or pale neutrals. My favorites to wear are darker oranges, reds and chocolate browns. Hot pink and fuschia make me happy as does neon bright apple green (the sole exception to the no green rule).

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I live alone. No pets currently (against rental rules – darn it), but I love animals.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
Not so much with the hats unless it’s really cold. I’ve got poofy, curly hair that makes for some seriously funky hat-head. Scarves and mittens are great when it’s cold enough for them. I don’t really wear scarves as decoration, they need to be functional for me. I own a couple of small capelet, poncho type garments and I wear them without apology.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
Umm, what isn’t? No really! I knit toys, sweaters, socks, bags, afghans, pillows and shawls in lace weight, fingering, dk, worsted, aran, bulky and chunky yarns. If I had to pick one sure-fire thing it’d probably be socks.

13. What are you knitting right now?
Heh, trick question, right? Check the name of the blog. The correct answering would be: everything.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
Not a requirement but I certainly wouldn’t object.

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
Circs please – I’m an addi turbo girl. I do have Denises and Knit Picks options as well but I reach for the addis first.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
Swift – yes, ball winder – not yet.

17. How old is your oldest UFO?
Hmm, well I never did finish the first sweater I started, but then I don’t intend to either so that doesn’t really count. The oldest thing that I may yet finish is probably about six years or so (it’s an afghan so the size still works).

18. What is your favorite holiday?
Halloween. You get to dress up, eat candy and you aren’t obligated to deal with family if you don’t want to. Even as a kid, I liked it more than Christmas.

19. Is there anything that you collect?
Besides yarn? Not really. My family has tried several times to start me collecting something (we’re lazy gift givers) but I managed to dodge them everytime.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
The only subscription I currently have is to Vogue Knitting. I’ve got tons of needles even though I keep buying more I don’t think I really need any. I tend to buy any books I want pretty quickly so there’s not much there either. I am trying to get some of every type of sock yarn out there and I don’t have them all yet. There are a lot of boutique dyers whose yarns I covet but haven’t bought yet. A lot of them are on etsy and require Paypal. I’ve tried to stay away from using Paypal to put at least one curb on my magpie-like yarn acquistion.

21. Are there any new techniques you’d like to learn?
Hmm, nothing comes to mind.

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
That would be a resounding yes! Measurements are – Length: 9.25 inches, Circumference: 9 inches. I tend to make the leg/cuff short, no more than 5 inches on average.

23. When is your birthday?
July 25th.

And that’s that. I’ll try for a real post tomorrow. I might even have pictures of those felted flowers…

February 8, 2007

Flower Power

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The Noni Majolica bag is now completely knit up. Next the parts need to be felted. That’ll just leave the assembly – flowers and handles sewn to bag – and it will be done. Speaking of flowers, take a look at these:

Noni Bag Flowers

Yes, that’s a yardstick below them. The center flower is almost a foot wide! It’ll be very interesting to see how they come out after a couple of trips through the washing machine. I’ll be sure and take pictures.

I was listening to the latest Lime & Violet podcast and the ladies talked about the Walker Treasury Project. Since I signed up as a contributor, I have access to the blog stats for it. There is definitely a lot of buzz out there for this project. I wonder how long it’ll actually take for us all to knit every swatch? Maybe we should start a pool going.

The one down side about seeing the WTP blog stats is that I inevitably compare them to my own blog. I do not come out well in that comparison. I realize I’m just one of the more recent entries in the vast world of knit blogs but it’s hard not to feel a little bit like I’m losing yet another popularity contest. I’m just a bit tired and depressed this week though. Next week I’ll probably be excited that the WTP is sending a few hits my way.

I don’t want to end on a depressing note, luckily there’s a new comment to respond to.

Céline said:

I am drooling with envy! You have lots on your needles and these sock yarns are just edible!

Heh, I ALWAYS have lots on my needles. The amazing thing right now is that I’m actively working on so many of them. Oh, Céline, did I mention that Sweet Sheep is a Canadian shop that ships internationally? I’m sure you could get some sock yarn from them if you wanted. I just noticed that they have a very pretty brown and pink colorway up called Cupcake, talk about edible.

Yup, I’m not only an adict, I’m also an enabler.

February 7, 2007

Swatches Ahoy!

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But first – I finished another hat for Headgames. This one arrived with the brim finished and about 2 inches or so of the top so I didn’t have to do much. I sent it out on Monday via Priority mail. It should be taking out its target some time today.

Even before I got the go ahead for my first round of swatches for the Walker Treasury Project, I bought the yarn. As planned I bought yarn in colors to match the first triad of Project Spectrum. I went with a DK weight yarn, one of my favorites, Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. Here’s what I got:

When I got home with the yarn I started in on the swatches. Here’s the first one being blocked:

And swatches two and three waiting there turn on the the blocking board (with swatch four on the needles).

I’m having fun with this. Making a swatch that doesn’t necessarily lead to a bigger project is kind of liberating. You get to figure out and play with the pattern but it never becomes drudgery. Since it’s just a swatch for swatching sake the gauge isn’t an issue. It comes out however it comes out. I won’t have to re-knit any of these on different needles to get a certain size. Granted, since I plan to put these together in a light weight throw I’ll have to try to get them close-ish in size but I’m already figuring I might have to crochet a bit of filler here and there. I’m expecting this to be something of a crazy quilt piece so I’m not too concerned. It may end up being rather, um, interesting.

Stitches West is coming up in a few weeks. I’ve signed up to work a shift at my LYS’s booth. This gets me in for free and cuts down on the amount of time I have to shop (and consequently, the amount of damage to my bank account). Naturally in anticipation of this shopping spree, I haven’t been buying yarn. Except for the swatch yarn.

sockstash 010

Oh, yeah, and that. It’s an addiction. Don’t they say that sock yarn doesn’t count? Heh. That is Sweet Sheep’s Sweet Sock in Turtle Run (on top) and Angelica (bottom). It’s all the Harlot’s fault! Back in that last half of January she’d mentioned the Sweet Sheep was donating part of each sock yarn sale to Knitter’s Without Borders. I followed the link – just to take a look – and, well… I own several garments that exact shade of turquoise and I loved the flamingo-like pink and black. I wasn’t planning on buying too much yarn at Stitches anyway. Well see how that goes.

Speaking of Stitches, the sample projects are coming along. The Noni Bag is almost done. I’ve just got one and a third flowers to do. I’ll finish that partial one today and start on the last one. As soon as the flowers are finished I’ll get to work on the Mrs. Beeton’s. I bought some of the new Rowan Tapestry yarn (oh, yeah, more new yarn. Hehe) in a rose and brown shade and some chocolate brown Kid Silk Haze that will turn into another pair of Beetons for myself.

Theresa said:

Thanks for pointing out the Walker Treasury Project – what a great idea!

Isn’t it? I wish I’d thought of it. I’ve occasionally thought about knitting a bunch of swatches from the Walker books but I never thought to make an internet project. With all the knitters and knit bloggers out there we should have too much trouble getting everything swatched up. So, have you signed up yet?

Sarah  said:

Oooh, the Lavish is yummy. That whole line of cashmere and blends is just so plump and squooshy. I like the Walker Treasury project idea — I’m going to check that out.

Plump and squooshy indeed! I’m loving knitting with this stuff but it does spoil your hands for the more ordinary stuff. It’s amazing how coarse a lovely soft merino feels after you’ve been knitting with a buttery cashmere.

Are you going to sign up for the WTP? I want everyone to make swatches. There’s more than enought to go around you know.

Ingrid said:

The Walker Treasury project swatch blanket sounds interesting! What does one do for knitter’s elbow? Epsom salt baths (I treat all my injuries with a hot bath)? I second the shrug love. It’s going to be fabulous:)

Yes, interesting may indeed be the work for it. We’ll see in about eight months when Project Spectrum 2.0 comes to an end and I get all my swatches put together.

Treating Knitter’s Elbow? I’m no medical expert, I can only do what makes sense to me. If you have an unusual pain, especially one that doesn’t go away or at least ease up overnight, you should contact your doctor. There are all sorts of medical conditions that can cause joint or limb pain and you shouldn’t ignore it. In my case this was a repeat injury so I knew what to do.

The best thing to do for any repetitive stress injury is to stop doing the activity that’s causing it at least for a few days. I didn’t do that – addict, remember. I did try to knit a little less but I couldn’t go cold turkey. The main thing I did was wear a brace. The brace not only supports the stressed tendon connection points but it also slightly limited the range of motion thereby reducing my tendency to overtwist my wrist. Since this overtwist was the motion that caused everything it was sort of like stopping knitting. It all worked and my arm was feeling fine within a few days. I’m trying to remember to stop and stretch and rest to avoid a recurrence.

PS: My first three swatches (and lot’s of other peoples’) are up over at the WTP blog.

February 1, 2007

I’m a Joiner

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I like to join things. With all the UFOs I’ve already accumulated I’ve been avoiding investigating the standard Knit-a-longs. The knitting games are getting me in enough trouble. I’m getting knitting related repetitive stress injuries – Knitter’s elbow. It’s happened before so I know how to treat it and still keep knitting. To be fair, it was really the last minute rush jobs for TNNA that killed my arm. If I’d taken a few days off after that I’d be okay now. I’ve really only got myself to blame.

Anyway, joining, that’s what I was talking about. I’ve joined a few more things. I’ve already mentioned Project Spectrum 2.0. It starts today. The first triad of colors are blue, white and gray. That’s pretty much the colors of my blog already so I won’t be making any changes there yet. WordPress makes it easy to quickly alter the look and colors of your blog so latter on I will be using that feature to keep things matching the Spectrum colors. I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to really use the colors. Well, now I’ve got something, I joined another project. This one is an effort to get all of the patterns from the Barbara Walker Treasuries knit up and photographed in color. It’s called the Walker Treasury Project. Want to knit a swatch or twelve? Join up, there’s plenty to go around. My plan is to knit all of my swatches in the current Project Spectrum colors. I’m going to purchase similar weight yarn (probably dk or worsted) in the various colors. Once I’m done (or done enough) I’ll start putting the swatches together into a blanket. It will, no doubt be a crazy looking concontion, but what the heck. I bet I’ll have fun doing it.

The other thing I joined, or at least signed up for, is Secret Pal 10. I’ve wanted to do one of these since I first stumbled accross it but before now I didn’t have the required blog. Now I do, so…

Sarah said:

That shrug is going to be fabulous. Which cashmere are you using?

I don’t have the yarn label handy but I’m pretty sure it’s Classic Elite Lavish. It will indead be fabu but it’s still not my color, darn it.

Hey look – three posts in one week! I’m really cooking now.