January 31, 2007

Progress Report

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 11:35 am by nephele

Knitalongs, Games and Such

  1. Headgames: Two down. Waiting on the mail for either unfinished hat to knit or finished hat that takes me out.
  2. Death by Socks: One down. Ditto the waiting for mail thing.
  3. Project Spectrum 2.0: Starts tomorrow, um, yikes!

Samples for Stitches

  1. The Noni bag is knit but still needs to be felted. As an apartment dweller with only unreliable coin-ops to work with I won’t be doing the felting. The pieces will have to go back to my LYS owner for felting. Once she’s done that, I’ll get them back and take care of the final assembly. That’s part of why I’m in such a rush to get this one knit. I need the turn around time. Anyway… here’s the sloppy, floppy, enormous, unfelted bag:


    And here is the start of one of three flowers (the pink) and the first of the i-cords for that handles (the green):


  2. The Mrs. Beetons aren’t started yet. I’ve got that yarn and the pattern together. I figure I’ll start them as soon as I get the Noni bag parts all knit. I shouldn’t have any trouble getting the Beetons done while the bag is off getting felted.

My Forecast Sweater
There’s been a little progress but not much. You can at least see the cables now but I’m still on the yoke. This is my typical MO. I work like crazy on projects for others. Anything for myself keeps getting set aside. Maybe I should pretend this is a sample that needs to be done soon?

New Years Resolution:

At least two post per week? Let’s see…

1/1 and 1/4
1/9 and 1/11
1/15 and 1/18
1/22 and 1/25
1/28 and today

So far so good. I haven’t yet done more than two in a single week but I have at least managed the basic two. One month down, eleven to go.

I just may have started something else as well…
Um, yeah. That’s the first two segments of the cover shrug/bolero/sweater/thing from the current issue of Vogue Knitting. This is one of those designs that either grabs you or makes you say ‘whaa..huh?’. It grabbed me. Even better it grab my friend the LYS owner. She loves it and wanted one out of cashmere, really good cashmere. I may not be keeping this one, but I get to touch every lovely, soft inch of it. It’s not my color anyway. I’ll just keep telling myself that. Not my color, not my color, not my…

Got some comments to get caught up on.

Sarah said:

Wow, you’re slaying them left and right! (And that Raspberry Delight looks good enough to eat!)

I try. I don’t really expect to win either of these games, too much of it depends on the mail. That’s a good thing though, I think. It means there’s no real front runner, no single speed demon who’ll take the prize every time. In fact the winner of SockWars has already been taken out in Death by Socks. Everyone has a chance. This is good. And who knows, maybe I will win.

Speaking of good, that yarn! Yeah. It’s even better in person. It has little hints of orange in the overall pink goodness. Now that IS my color! I had a hard time giving that up to its rightful owner but I managed.

Evie said:

That hat is for me – in Central New York, where it has been below zero a lot lately. It is beautiful – yarn and construction! I am very grateful to you and your first victim for my new hat!

See I did manage to part with it! Evie, I’m glad you like it and have good use for it. So far both of my hat victims were from colder climates than mine. It makes me feel better about taking them out.

I forgot to mention it in the hasty note I sent with the hat, the person who picked out that yarn for you and started your hat went by the nickname “Hathead“. We both have her to thank for that gorgeous yarn.

Sarah also said:

Busy, busy! Stitches is coming up so fast…I can’t wait!

Ack! Don’t remind me! I’ve already got a case of knitter’s elbow. I don’t need any more pressure! Although, that does remind me. Must get taxes done so I’ll know how much I can spend or, you know, how little…

Ingrid said:

I’m inspired by your sock completion. They’re purple and lovely!

Think you might get your one and two year old – just need one toe – socks done now?

This was another case of me having a hard time letting the yarn go when I’d finished. The funny thing is that I picked that color way because it wasn’t one I’d have used for myself (not my color). See, I’ve got a long term project going that’s using leftovers from my Koigu and Claudia’s socks. Basically, it’s a modular jacket with black as the main color and all the little leftover bits as the contrast colors. I want it to be as multicolored as I can make it. I’ve even got friends donating their scraps. Since most of them use different colors than I do I’m getting a lot of good, random colors. Anyway, when it came time to pick out yarn for Death by Socks I decided to buy a color I wouldn’t normally get so I could add any leftovers to my supplies for the jacket. Great idea in theory and I did have leftovers, but I love the finished socks. I may end up getting more of that color to make some for myself after all. So maybe it is my color (but not the cashmere, that’s definitely NOT my color, whimper).


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  1. Sarah said,

    That shrug is going to be fabulous. Which cashmere are you using?

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