January 28, 2007

Another One Down

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 12:13 pm by nephele

I finally finished my first pair of socks for Death by Socks. It took my quite a bit longer than the SockWars socks. There were a couple of reasons for that though. The SockWars pattern used DK weight yarn and for Death by Socks we’re using fingering weight. Also, January has been a pretty busy knitting month for me unlike the late September start of SockWars. Then of course there’s the whole “I must be nuts” factor of joining two knitting games at the same time.

I’m doing okay though. I’ve taken out two Headgames players and now one sock player and I’m still alive in both games. The downside of that is that I’ll still be knitting for both games. I don’t have any unfinished pieces in hand right now though, so I get a break from both games until the mailman brings me my next weapon or my doom.

Meanwhile I’ve got plenty to work on. My LYS owner wants to show the Noni bag at Stitches next month so I’ve got to get that going. She’s also hoping that I can get a pair of Mrs. Beetons done that I’d promised her. I’ve also been working on my Forecast sweater. Then there’s some design work I may be doing for Bella Knitting.

So, yeah. I’ve got stuff to do while I wait for the mail.

By the way… If anyone is interested in joining these games it’s too late for Headgames but the person doing Death by Socks intends to do more rounds of play later on. If you sign up fo the Yahoo group you’ll get a chance to play in those later rounds. She’s planning to do a different sock pattern each time so it will continue to be fresh. Plus if you sign up, maybe I’ll get to kill you. Won’t that be fun?



  1. Sarah said,

    Busy, busy! Stitches is coming up so fast…I can’t wait!

  2. Ingrid said,

    I’m inspired by your sock completion. They’re purple and lovely!

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