January 18, 2007

Working on a Death Sock

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 3:34 pm by nephele

The hat for HeadGames mailed Tuesday. I sent it priority mail. My victim probably got it today. So I’m waiting to get an incomplete hat back before I can do any more in that game.

Meanwhile I’m working on my first Death Sock for Death by Socks. As you can see from the picture (I hope) I’ve done the heel shaping and have picked up for the gussets. There was a problem in the pattern with the heel turning. I tried one solution which made the stitches come out okay but the heel is rather pointy. Today on the group I see that errata has been posted correcting this error. Unfortunately the correction is different from what I’ve done. I’m going to rip back and fix it. At least I didn’t get too far past it. I’ve only done 2 rows of the gusset. If I’d been further along I probably would have just let it stand and done the second sock to match. Oh well. Just the vicissitudes of war I suppose.

In other news…

Next month marks the start of Project Spectrum 2.0. Lolly has been wondering what people have been thinking of doing for it this time around. I’m not entirely sure. One thing I was thinking of though, was to let the spectrum colors influence which UFOs I working during each two month period. I’ve certainly got enough stuff in enough colors to find something that has at least one color of the current triad in it.

For example, the February-March colors are blue, gray and white. This has gray in it (and the teal is a blue-green so it sort of counts):
UFOothers 002
Then there’s this one with blue-gray, taupe and cream:
UFOothers 004
Or this blue shawl:
UFOshawl 003
Or these dark gray socks:
sockufo 001
Spoiled for choice really.

In comments:

Sarah said:
The Waterlily hat is so cute! I love how the subtle varigation works with the cable. Glad you like the sock yarn!

Thanks. My victim likes green so I hope she’ll like it two. I may have to get some more of that yarn. There’s a really nice burnt orange that keeps whispering to me. It worked up so well in the pattern stitches too. It’d make a really nice Rogue don’t you think?

And of couse I love the yarn you spun! Feel free to spin more for me. Anytime. Really.


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