January 11, 2007

Future Knits

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 5:49 pm by nephele

I was reading through my favorite blogs list today and saw this question posed by Lolly.

What are your someday projects?

That question and all the current “knit from your stash” efforts that are going on got me thinking about what I’ve got lurking in my stash. Not the UFOs, I’m thinking of not-even-swatched-yet-objects or NESYOs. There are (this shouldn’t surprise any of you) many. I’m not going to even try to commit myself to knitting from my stash this year but I do think I’ll pick a couple of these NESYOs to try and work on in the coming year. I’ll have to work them in around all the prototypes, shop samples, knitting game items and UFOs that I’ll still be working on; should be easy, no?

I reserve the right to change my mind later but I’ve picked a couple. My choices might have been slightly skewed by the unusually cold weather this week but it’s not like I just decided to make these sweaters. The yarn is already in my stash and one lot was purchased specifically for the sweater I’ll make with it.

First up, the older one, is the Indonesian Diamonds cardigan by Leigh Radford from Interweave Knits, Fall 2003. The original has dark mustard yellow as the main color with deep jewel tones as accents. Pretty as that is, mustard yellow is not my friend (unless I won’t to pretend I’m sick to leave work early – not that I’d ever do that!). Consequently, I recolored it. My main color is dark red with navy and other rich tones for accents. I changed the yarn too. I’m using a now discontinued yarn called Luna. It’s nothing unique: 100% merino wool, many plies, cushy. Lana Grossa Bingo is similar as is Karabella’s Aurora. I got it on sale when it was being discontinued and it’s been languishing for years. I think the time has come to knit it up.

Number two on the list is a more recent yarn acquisition. Cascade 220 Quattro in color 9440. I’ve loved this rather eccentric colorway ever since I first saw it and I finally got some. My current plan is to make Stefanie Japel’s Forecast with it. I am not much of a bobble girl so I’ll probably just omit them.

I’ve got some time to reconsider my choices and lots of stash projects to consider. Tonight I’ll be finishing up that prototype designer piece. As soon as that’s done I’ll need to get started on my Headgames hat. Some of my competition will probably finish their hats before I even get mine cast on. I’m putting my faith in slow mail service. Then on Monday Death by Socks will start. There are always all my UFOs to play with too. Yeah, no rush.

A couple of comments came in this week:

Laura said:

Nice to see that you are consistent in your colors choices – mmm orange – you. So surprised! Congrats on the blog! Since I have never ever found anything you don’t know about knitting it’s nice to see you share your stuff!

Hi Laura! How are you? (Another LYS friend finds the blog.) Orange? What do you mean orange? Okay the Paprika, that one I’ll give you. But the Jitterbug has no orange in it and the Spring Break barely has any. The Chocolate Cherry may look a little orange but it’s really a pinkish-red and brown, no orange at all.

Yeah, it’s a fair cop. Anyone who saw my stash would see lots of colors but about half of it has at least some orange in it.

Sarah said:

Of course the LYS gets the Claudia (and other goodies) in stock right after I stop working there…figures! I love the colors you chose — I love semisolids like Paprika because they are just so versatile.

Life is so cruel isn’t it? Mind you, no matter when you’d left something good would have shown up soon after.

I’m definitely going to have to do something interesting with the Paprika. That’s why I bought it. I love all the great multicolored sock yarns but they do limit what you can do as far as patterns are concerned. I enjoy mindless simple socks but I like the complicated ones too. It all depends on my mood.

Well, that’s it for now. Hey, look: second week of the year and I once again got two posts in. Yay me!


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