January 4, 2007

Second Post of the Week

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 5:49 pm by nephele

Heh, keeping to the resolution this week anyway…

No pictures today. The only thing I’m knitting on is another prototype for my designer friend. Since it is an as yet unpublished design I can’t show pictures of it. It’s solid black so the pictures wouldn’t be very interesting anyway. I’m working to a pretty tight deadline. I need to get it done before the 12th so she can take it with her to a trade show. She plans to give Vogue the first shot at buying the design. She’s got two other designs in the works too, so if I get this done early I’ll probably be helping on one of those.

I did cast on a pair of socks for myself but there isn’t much to see yet. I’m trying out the new Colinette sock yarn Jitterbug. I got the Bright Charcoal color. With all the black in my wardrobe I figured it was time I made some mostly black socks. I started out making these in feather and fan but the stitch count needed (72 sts) cause the color to stack in an unpleasant way. Basically the sock was half black and half everything else. I tried again using my standard sock with a lace pattern thrown in. I decided to go with the Bee stitch from Barbara Walker #3 (the Charted patterns). It works up over 8 stitches which let me take the cast on down to 64 total. It’s coming out much better this way and the Bee stitch in JitterBUG yarn is kind of apropriate.

I need some brown socks too so the next pair I do will be out of some Shepard Sock a friend gave me for Christmas. It’s in the Irving Park colorway which is mostly brown and violet, very pretty. I’d have probably started those before the Jitterbug, but I haven’t decided what pattern to use yet.

The only other bit of news for today is over on the side bar. I signed up for Lolly‘s Project Spectrum 2.0. The action doesn’t start until next month, which is just as well. That’ll give me a chance to finish up the prototype(s) and make a start on the new knitting games I signed up for (Head Games and Death by Socks) before I have to give any serious thought to how I’m going to approach this whole spectrum thing.

Okay, I think that’s enough solid text for one day. I’ll find something to photograph for next time, promise.


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