December 14, 2006

Is It Still Socktober?

Posted in knitting at 1:29 pm by nephele

In my little world it is. I think every month should be a sock month. Maybe then I could make a dent in the sock yarn stash. Anyway…

Remember these socks. I started them around the first of October and got the first one finished pretty quickly. Sock Wars kept me from finishing the second of the pair. Then I got side tracked with the start of the Christmas knitting season and, well, there they sat. When I finished the hats for my mother the only holiday knitting left was the afghan and by then it had reach an unportable size. I needed bus knitting. Now, if I’d been following my usual habit I probably have just started something new. Since cataloguing my UFOs* for the blog though… I thought maybe I should try finishing something instead. Here they are lounging on my ugly apartment carpet:

Koigu sock

And here they are in action on my even uglier office carpet:

Koigu sock2

These were made with my personal generic sock pattern (top down, half-round heel, strap toe). I used the Rib of Doom pattern from the Sock Wars sock. I’m pretty happy with these.

Speaking of things that make me happy, I have some more knitting in print – sort of. My designer friend has a piece in the new issue of Knit.1 and I helped make the model. So what’s the “sort of” all about? I knit the back of the sweater and here is the picture they published:

My knitting almost in print

Oh well.

*No I haven’t finished cataloguing the entire UFO pile. I’ve still got the “Sweaters for Me” catagory to go.


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  1. Rebecca said,

    I love the new socks! Can you share the pattern for Rib of Doom?

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