December 13, 2006

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

Posted in knitting at 4:30 pm by nephele

Apparently I’m an optimist. I thought once we actually got into December my workload would drop a bit and I’d be able to post more often. See? Optimism. I did get all the sales info entered, updated the company website and recorded the store hours on the answering machine. That should have been it. It wasn’t. -sigh-  So maybe after Christmas? Fingers crossed.

As long as I’m here, I’ll catch up on the comments

Céline said:

If I had to choose a favorite among your hats (fortunately, it is not required), I think it would be the coronet, with the cartoon colors a close second. I’m glad you did not undo it
Yes, I do check for your posts, but don’t feel pressured: we do have to knit at some point 

The afghan idea is still hovering in my house, over all my UFOs…


Thanks for the non-pressure. Part of the problem right now – besides being busy – is that I’m not in the habit yet. Assuming I don’t get side tracked somewhere along the way, I’ll probably do a lot better next year.

If I were to pick a favorite hat it’d be the Shedir. It’s a good thing I did that one in green. It’s a great color for my auburn haired mother but a bad color for me. This fact kept me from deciding to that seven was enough to send her. I have a couple of balls of the rust colored yarn and that is a good color for me so maybe I’ll make another. Then again, maybe I’ll make something completely different.

Sarah said:

I can vouch for the fact that the Odessy color shift does indeed look less jarring in person. It’s a somewhat self-striping yarn anyway — who will notice? Also, the Colinette afghan is looking great! It can be hard to be as quick with those big, less-portable projects since they so quickly get to the point at which they are too unwieldy to knit anywhere but at home. The big benefit of knitting an afghan, of course, is that it gets to sit on your lap and keep you warm while you are knitting on it at home.

Thanks for vouching for me! Sarah is one of my LYS buddies so she’s seen a lot of these things in person. And yes, the afghan is indeed warm. It’s a good thing we finally had a cold snap. It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun to work on in warmer weather. As it was I was nice and toasty as I finished it.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that yet did I? The afghan is done. I’ll be mailing it and all my other holiday knitting this week. I finished the last of the knitting last Saturday. There was a bit of crochet that needed to happen around some of the edges. That part actually took a few days. Not because there was a lot to do or because it was difficult, it wasn’t. I have a problem doing much crochet anymore. A few years back my computer work caused carpel tunnel problems in my right wrist. I splinted it for about a month and it got better but not completely well. Now if I type too long or repeatedly twist my wrist – like when I crochet – it’ll start hurting. I did too much the first day so I had to wait a couple before to let the wrist calm down before I could finish it up. Luckily, my American style of knitting doesn’t bother my wrist one bit. So, picture?

Finished afghan

I couldn’t actually fit the whole thing in the frame, not without a ladder anyway. The crochet is on the sides and the top edges. The top needed it the most. The mitred squares are loose and floppy on the top edges. Normally the next row of squares take care of this but of course, there wasn’t a next row the last time. So, crochet and an achy wrist. There was an option to put some tassles on the ends but I decided not to. I was running low enough on the yarns – I ran out of one – that I’m just not sure I’d get enough plump tassles and scrawny ones wouldn’t look right. Besides now I can use the leftovers for a scarf. I’m thinking they’d make a great mobius and I can just stop when I run out.

Now maybe I can finish a couple of the older UFOs.  Yeah, I don’t believe it either. I’ve already started something new. More about next time.


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  1. Sarah said,

    The afghan looks fabulous! Every time I’ve seen it I’ve thought the colors reminded me of someplace but I wasn’t able to think of it — and now I have — the colors remind me of the Grand Canyon, all those lovely striations of browns and ochres and salmony pinks. I can’t wait to see what’s on your needles next!

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