November 29, 2006

Don’t Look Now

Posted in knitting at 3:13 pm by nephele

I think I’m finished with hats – at least until January when Headgames starts. I finished two more for my mother.

xmasknits 001

xmasknits 002

The first one is Coronet from Knitty. I used Odyssey yarn in, yes, two different colors. It doesn’t look as jarring in person, honest. It was either this or start over. I just didn’t have the energy for that at this last date.

Hat number two is a free pattern from Elann called the Dayflower Hat. The original has a rather large ruffle on it and requires two balls of yarn. I replaced the ruffle with 1×1 rib and got it done with one ball of Cascade Fixation. I like it MUCH better without the ruffle.

Here is the whole pile of hats:

xmasknits 003

That should give her a few options. One for each day of the week with one to spare.

Sarah said:

Shedir! I’ve been waiting for a photo of it to pop up on the blog…And when do we get another progress report on the colinette afghan? (I know, I’m demandy.)

Okay Sarah, here you go:

xmasknits 004

Four out of seven rows complete. Yay! Past the half way point and it’s the only Christmas knitting I have left to do.

Since I already quoted a comment, I’d better get caught up on the rest of them.

Katie said:

Wow! What a collection of sock yarn you have! It’s enough to make a girl jealous.

It’s a good thing I occasionally knit socks, huh? I’ll probably buy more sock yarn at Stitches West in February. It’s better than buying bags and bags of sweater yarn at least – takes up less space, lower dollar total. I didn’t have a real grasp on how much I had until I pulled it all out to photograph – and that’s just the sock yarn!

thewrittenword said:

I too have been on a hat kick recently. I just love the way yours turned out!

The great things about hats are they only take one or two balls of yarn, they can done in just about any gauge you want and whatever gauge they work up quickly. They give great FO satisfaction. Plus, if the pattern is a little annoying you don’t have to live with it for very long and if it’s a lot annoying it doesn’t take long to frog it. I’m done with my mother for now but I do have another hat on the needles for myself – ADKD strikes again.

Ingrid said:

These are so cute! You industrious soul, you finished Shedir:) It looks great – I still have the crown to go on mine (and have for several weeks now). Have a great Thanksgiving, btw! I have condiments in the refrigerator.

Ingrid also said:

Wow – I love the Halley’s Comet hat!

Thanks, and thanks. Now finish your Shedir!

Céline said:


That’s true, nothing beats real comments. As for your UFO count, if you are comfortable with it, hey, what’s the problem? Personally, I love your UFOs. They are all very inspiring. My reason for having UFOs is having more ideas, enthusiasm and curiosity than time to realize each of them fully. There *are* worst conditions in life, I believe. I read somewhere that we realize approximately 10% of our ideas/projects… so the more projects you have, the more you’ll realize. Keep casting on and posting!

Kind regards,


 Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. (This is the comment I was referring too in my last post.) There are  so many knit blogs out there. It made me hesitate for a long time before I started mine. What did I have to add? Something, apparently. Everytime I see the daily hits go up I get a warm glow. This may not be the fastest growing knitblog in the world but it’s nice to see from the comments that not only are people reading it, but they’re coming back to read it again.

Thank you everyone.



  1. Céline said,

    If I had to choose a favorite among your hats (fortunately, it is not required), I think it would be the coronet, with the cartoon colors a close second. I’m glad you did not undo it 😉
    Yes, I do check for your posts, but don’t feel pressured: we do have to knit at some point 🙂

    The afghan idea is still hovering in my house, over all my UFOs…


  2. Sarah said,

    I can vouch for the fact that the Odessy color shift does indeed look less jarring in person. It’s a somewhat self-striping yarn anyway — who will notice? Also, the Colinette afghan is looking great! It can be hard to be as quick with those big, less-portable projects since they so quickly get to the point at which they are too unwieldy to knit anywhere but at home. The big benefit of knitting an afghan, of course, is that it gets to sit on your lap and keep you warm while you are knitting on it at home. 🙂

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