November 22, 2006

It Figures

Posted in knitting at 4:59 pm by nephele

I no sooner get a lovely comment encouraging me to continue posting and what happens? I don’t post for close to a week. Typical.

I have excuses of course (don’t we all). The primary one is simply that I work in retail and we’re about to hit the holidays. Fortunately, I’m not a salesperson so I don’t have to deal much with that end of things. I am responsible for the company website and the inventory database though. So, busy. Things should return to normal for me in about a week.

In the the meantime… More Mom Hats!

hats 001

The one on the left is the Kitty Hat from Stitch & Bitch. The yarn is a discontinued Noro. It’s a cotton/cashmir blend not as soft as you might think but okay. I left off the ears since I’m sure my mother would never wear it if they were present.

The hat on the right is a Beach Beanie from Hats: a Knitters’ Dozen. This time I used Cascade’s Pima Silk – so soft!

Here is the finished Shedir hat.

hats 002hats 003

The tweedy yarn makes it a little tough to see all the little cables but trust me, they are there. The yarn used was Rowan Felted Tweed. I cast on with the rust then immediately switch to the green. I like the effect. I’ve got another ball of green and two of the rust, hmm. Perhaps I need to make a pair or two of Eunny’s Endpaper Mits?

While you weren’t looking another hat made its way on and off my needles

hats 004

This is the Tychus hat from Knitty. It’s an addictive little pattern. I may have to make a few of these for Dulaan or something. I couldn’t use the Red Heart Super Saver the pattern called for, not with all the lovely stuff I have in my stash. I ended up using single strands of two colors of Cascade Bollicine Revolution. It turned out to be exactly the right weight of yarn and is 90% Merino and 10% Polymid – much nicer.

I have two more hats in the works. My mother will have no excuse for having a cold head after she gets this package! It’s also serving as a nice warm up for HeadGames.

I probably won’t have time to post again until next week, so see you then.



  1. Sarah said,

    Shedir! I’ve been waiting for a photo of it to pop up on the blog…And when do we get another progress report on the colinette afghan? (I know, I’m demandy.)

  2. Ingrid Hastings said,

    These are so cute! You industrious soul, you finished Shedir:) It looks great – I still have the crown to go on mine (and have for several weeks now). Have a great Thanksgiving, btw! I have condiments in the refrigerator.

  3. I too have been on a hat kick recently. I just love the way yours turned out!

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