November 12, 2006

Look, FOs!

Posted in knitting at 3:26 pm by nephele

Don’t look now but I actually finished a few things this week. Yeah, okay. Two of them I also started this week and didn’t tell you, but at least I finished them. And they’re for Christmas too!

I already mentioned that I was making a hat for my mother. I’m actually make a few hats. The one I showed you a while ago is making good progress but still on the needles. I wanted to give her a few choices since, unfortunately, she has the need to wear hats all the time right now. She’s okay, chemo and surgery are all behind her but she hasn’t got a full head of hair back yet. So…

The one on the right is the Halley’s Comet Hat by Marnie MacLean made with elsebeth lavold Coton Patine. The hat on the left is Artful Yarns Cartoon. I started with the pattern on the yarn label except I knit it in the round to avoid the seam. Then I work three rounds of single crochet arount the brim. I still had a little yarn left so I made the flower by looping the yarn and working 6 sc in the loop then ch 3, turn and work 3 or 4 dcs in each sc. I used the yarn ends to sew the flower on and pin the brim back to turn it into a cute little cloche.

I’ve got another FO that you have seen. Remember those red arm warmers I was working on? Well now that it’s dark earlier in the evening I can’t work on the more complicated pieces while waiting for the bus home. Once I’m on the bus, no problem, but the light at my bus stop comes from one lonely street light and it’s one of those sodium type orangy lights. Not so good for working tiny cables in moss green tweed yarn. So during that time I went back to work on the arm warmers and here they are being modeled by my lovely assistant:

It’s a pretty simple pattern but in case anyone is interested…
Here it is in PDF format



  1. scrunchyy said,

    I am glad your Mother is doing OK. The hats you have made for her are beautiful. They also look very soft.. The arm warmers look comfortable. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is being added to my list of projects to do.

  2. Céline said,

    FOs! And great ones too 🙂

  3. Ingrid said,

    Wow – I love the Halley’s Comet hat!

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