November 8, 2006

UFO Parade – Part VIII

Posted in knitting at 3:21 pm by nephele

Today I’m all about bags. I love bags. I’m always starting new ones. I buy lots of totes too. There’s just something about things that hold things… I love small wood boxes too. 

UFO Bag #1
This one is almost done.

Techinically it’s off the needles because all that’s left to do is braid a shoulder strap and line it. The pattern is the Camel Bag from Folk Bags. I used the called for 1824 Wool with the exception of one color – the green I think – which is a close alternative. This is the back of the bag:

I left the loops off this side so it wouldn’t catch on buttons and zippers and such. Yes, that is plastic canvas poking out the top. I need to trim it a little more. The plan is to put that inside the lining to help the bag hold it’s shape better. I’m only putting it against the back side though. The front will be free to bulge out with it’s contents. I’ve also got a piece of ox-blood leather cord which I’m going to weave through the braided strap for a little added strength. All these precautions should tell you that this is a bag I plan to use.

UFO Bag #2
Next up is a delightfully over the top Noni Bag.

This is the Majolica Vase of Flowers Bag. I’m using Cascade 220 as called for in the pattern with either the same or close colors. This one is shop sample for my LYS but I’m going to make another one for myself. It’s more of a tote than a purse being 14″ high and 29″ in circumference. With all the flowers, I think of it more as an art piece. Most ot the Noni patterns are more usable bags but this one is just so fun!

UFO Bag #3
Still fun, but more basic:

This is based on a Rowan pattern but I added the bottom and side gusset which will grow into a shoulder strap. The gussets are being knit together with the front and back so I won’t need to seam it later. I plan on lining this one to make it a usable purse, maybe something with polka dots. The yarn is from Gedifra. Donatello I think, but I couldn’t find a label so I’m guessing.

UFO Bag #4
Last up.

The pattern is from Katia Magazine #46. The yarn is Idea Jeans. I think my beige is a close substitution but less green than the original. The pattern stitch is a bit annoying to do but it makes an almost crocheted fabric which is great for a sturdy bag. Unfortunately the last time I worked on it I notice a problem in the stitch count. I think it’s just a goof in the intarsia but I need to take a good look at it to make sure. If the color sections are off, I’ll ignore it and continue. They’re a bit abstract anyway. But if the problem is in the outline shape, I’ll need to frog it.

Rebecca said:

It’s obvious that you enjoy working on a wide range of projects. I’m curious. What have been some of your favorite projects to complete? Were they “process” knitting or “finished product” knitting?

I’m neither fish nor fowl. I like knitting complicated lace and simple garter stitch. Intricately shaped sweaters and mindless rectangle pieces both have their appeal. The FOs I like most? Hmm. I’m quite proud of my first Anny Blatt sweater, Ocelot. It was another store sample. It was also the first signicant bit of intarsia I’d ever done. It came out perfectly and it helped the store sell several kits. My most successful knits in terms of usefulness are my Birch shawl – I wore it again today – and a swing jacket I designed for myself out of Noro Silk Garden. I’ve actually worn out and patched the Noro jacket twice now. It’s perfect the climate around here and everytime I wear it I get compliments.

Maybe after I finish with all the UFOs I’ll start posting pictures of some of my past FOs.


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