November 7, 2006

UFO Parade – Part VII

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Okay so I’ve been working on the Christmas knitting but that doesn’t mean I’ve shown you all the UFOs yet. There are at least two more parts to come after this one. At least I’m circulating the stash. That’s a good thing, right?  Airs it out and everything.

UFO Afghan 1

This is another afghan kit. This time it’s from Schaefer Yarn

The colorway is called Froggy. It makes me happy. Which is good since this one is for me. I haven’t gotten too far on it though because, well, it’s for me. I tend to be fairly low on my knitting priorty list. Also, I’ve made this one before. I knit one as a shop sample for my LYS. It was in a fabulously garrish, orange/purple colorway. This kit is my ‘pay’ for knitting the first one. I always love it when I find ways to make my hobbies pay for themselves. Between the yarn I get for knitting samples and the money I get for teaching, knitting is coming close to being a break-even activity. Only close because, um, I have mentioned the size of my stash, right? Yeah. So, close it is.

UFO Afghan 2

This is just the tip of this particular iceburg:

These are two of about a dozen squares I’ve done toward this afghan. They’re one foot squares so I figure at least 20 are needed. That would make a 4 by 5 foot afghan which is reasonable. The yarn is all Lion Brand Wool-Ease for two reasons. One, I’m playing around and this was guilt free inexpensive. Two, I’m planning to eventually give the finished piece to my mother and I know, no matter what I tell her, she’s going to throw it in the washer and dryer. The mostly acrylic wool-ease should survive that treatment long enough to make it worth bothering.

The patterns for the squares come from past Knitters magazines from back when they were, um, good. Apoligies if you love Knitters in its current form but its no longer to my taste. I used to subscribe but the issues were always late in arriving and, lately, didn’t have much of anything I’d care to knit in them. There are exception of course and I’ll continue to buy single issues but I won’t be subscribing again anytime soon.

So back to the patterns. Knitters did a series of afghan patterns over the course of a few years. Each issue would have four or five squares and the final installment would include finishing and any edgings. The thing is all four of the afghans they presented this way had a lot in common. They were all meant to be 1 foot square, they all had a garter stitch border and they all used aran or worsted weight yarn. All of which means you could mix and match squares from the various afghans to make one that suited you. It also gave me an opportunity to try out new things on a small scale. My first bit of entrelac was one of these squares.

The remaining squares are buried in the stash. These two were only accessible because they aren’t finished. When I unearth the others I’ll put up more photos.
Céline said:

I can feel a UFO coming upon my couch…

Did I mention that ADKD is contagious? No? …oops. Oh well, you’re doomed now. There’s no cure either, sorry. Happy afghan knitting though.


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  1. Rebecca said,

    It’s obvious that you enjoy working on a wide range of projects. I’m curious. What have been some of your favorite projects to complete? Were they “process” knitting or “finished product” knitting?

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