November 5, 2006


Posted in knitting at 12:48 pm by nephele

What’s this? A new project? Well, yeah but it’s okay, really. This is more Christmas knitting. The afghan is too bulky to carry around everyday so this is the commute knitting. See? I told you it was okay.

You can’t see much yet but this is the start of a Shedir hat from Knitty’s special cancer awareness issue. The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed. I cast on with the orange but all the rest will be green. This is going to be part of my mother’s present this year. This green should be good with her coloring plus it’s pretty.

There’s been some more progress on that afghan as well. I’ve finished the third (of seven) rows of diamonds. It’s getting increasingly cozy to work on this thing. I hope we have more chilly weather. Here’s an updated picture:

Céline said:Tee hee! Good for you (the sofa/yarn switch).
Those aliens are just great! What a fitting subject for this alluring technique.

I’ve never warmed up to knitting an afghan, but yours is starting to make me change my mind. THANKS!

The nice thing about this pattern is that it’s built of reasonably size modules. You can get one diamond finished pretty quickly plus you can really see the progress. I’ve done the other sort – cast on for the entire width and knit until you’re really sick of the project. This I like better. Of course it’s not done yet. I may feel differently in a couple of weeks. Time will tell…


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  1. Céline said,

    I can feel a UFO coming upon my couch…

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