November 2, 2006

UFO Parade – Part VI

Posted in knitting at 11:21 am by nephele

I was tired last night so you’re getting one of the small sections of the list today, the miscellaneous items.

UFO #1

First up is a pair of slippers

Okay, so it’s really just part of one slipper. I’m using three yarns: Lana Grossa Inserto, Anny Blatt Muguet and Schachenmayr Decapo. All three are held together and knit on a size US4 needle. I can only manage about 2 rows of this before my fingers start to cramp. It does make a nice sturdy, durable fabric which is great for slippers even if it is torurously slow knitting. Fortunately these are for me so there’s no rush.

UFO #2

The Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch.


See the aliens?


How about this one:

I’m using elsebeth lavold Silky Wool on a size US5 needle. This makes a smaller, lighter scarf which is much better for my Northern California climate.

UFO #3

This is another scarf and one I’ve already mentioned:

The coral colored camel scarf. I forgot to take a picture of it last night but it hasn’t changed much since this scan. It’s just a couple of inches longer.

That’s it for today’s parade entries.

There has been progress on the Christmas knitting front as well.

The bit on the needles is another half-diamond which will be the end of the row. That will make two complete rows out of only 7 required. Not as much progress as between the last two pictures but I’m still on track. I picked a great week to start on this – and I’m not talking about the looming due date. The weather just turned a little chilly for the first time this fall. The chill makes it very pleasant to have all this wool and mohair in my lap.

I’ve gotten a few more comments since I did my reply post. As long as the numbers stay managable I think I’ll respond to them every few days.

Ingrid said:

Wow! That Trekking XXL is gorgeous, and I think you know how I feel about the koigu. Precious, precious koigu.

I think you can tell by the number of pretty little balls, I too am fond of Koigu. There are also three finished and one in progress pairs of Koigu socks. Has everyone seen the Koigu cashmere already? I don’t think I’ll link. Consider it a favor or possibly a treasure hunt.

The Trekking I have mixed feelings about. I love the colors but the one pair I finished (in color #100) are telling me they’d have been better on size US0 needles instead of the size ones I used. I may try using ones for the cuff/leg and zeros for the foot or maybe just the sole and toe. I’m also thinking of using either the orange or tan for a pair of entrelac socks. I have lace plans for the pink which I’ve already swatched but not on zeros.

Céline said:

Geesh. You’re giving me a bad case of stash envy!

You think you have envy now? The sock yarn is – at most – about one twelfth of my total yarn stash. As I said back in my first post: I don’t have a sofa, I have yarn.

Stephanie said:

Now that you’ve done such a good job of answering your comments I feel bad that I didn’t answer yours. I’ll try harder.

Squeee! The Yarn Harlot read my blog!!! I feel like such a fangirl.

Hey, Steph? I left a comment a couple of days ago and I haven’t gotten a reponse yet. 😉


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  1. Céline said,

    Tee hee! Good for you (the sofa/yarn switch).
    Those aliens are just great! What a fitting subject for this alluring technique.

    I’ve never warmed up to knitting an afghan, but yours is starting to make me change my mind. THANKS!

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