October 30, 2006


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I’m kind of amazed that people I’ve never met are apparently reading this thing already. I’ve got some friends who are checking it out but strangers? Wow. Some of them are even leaving comments. I’m not quite sure what to do with those. Should I comment on the comment? Email the commenter? Mention the comments in my next post? If they’ve got a blog and left that info in the comment, should I go comment on their blog? I’ve left a few comments of my own in the blogiverse. I never got and never expected replies. Of course, I was usually commenting on a well established blog. I don’t think anybody really expects the Yarn Harlot to give private responses to all of her comments. But I’m no Yarn Harlot (yarn harlot – yes, Yarn Harlot -no) and I need something to post today, so… In reverse order, because that’s how they’re listed on the comment page and I’m lazy, comments:

Stephanie said:

Love the name of your blog. I am just myself learning how to knit on circular needles. You have made some wonderful stuff.

Thanks Stephanie. Like most people I started with straight needles too. Eventually I needed circulars (for a gansey if I recall correctly). It was okay but I didn’t love it. Then I found Addi Turbos. It was love at first stitch. I realized pretty quickly that anything you could do with straight needles could be done on circulars. Then I learn about the socks on two circulars thing and that was that. I donated all my straight needles to my LYS for a Knit-Out they were planning and I gave my Quick Silver dpns to a friend who prefers using them. I now own lots of Turbos, at least one of every needle size available and lots of different cable lengths. I also have the new Knitpicks needle set and two Denise needle sets. All of which helps explain why I can have so many projects on needles and still cast on for something new. Not that that means you have to like circulars. Just like you don’t have to knit in a particular style or only knit certain types of things. As long as you enjoy it that’s what matters.

Rebecca said:

You were right. The brown sweater is certainly my personal favorite…but not just because it’s brown. Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed is one of my favorite yarns and the pattern is a winner! It’s a good thing you’re finished with sock wars. Now you’ll have plenty of time to work on my JoWoll socks

Rebecca is a friend of mine but that doesn’t mean she’s getting those socks! Besides, her feet are longer than mine and that’s the sock with 11 stitch per inch gauge! I’m not doing anything to make those take longer to finish.

Ninja Knitter said:

Wow they came out really cute! What a great idea to reverse the colors on the second sock!

I liked them too. It was necessity though rather than design choice. You were right, there was just no way there’d be enough of the green for another whole sock. I wasn’t even entirely sure I’d have enough to finish the green sock and do a toe and heel on the orange. I was prepared to use a third color for both of the toes if I had too but it worked out fine. There was even a bit of each left over which I sent along with the socks. 

Céline said:

Wow! Those are cool socks! I did not know people did that in knitting, start an item, pass it on, etc. Must alleviate the “I have to finish this” syndrome.

I really like your UFO parade

Keep em needles going!

Thanks, I can’t take too much credit though (see above). I’d never done anything like this either but I must say it was fun. I hope Sock Wars becomes an annual event. I know I’m up for another round.

Rebecca said:

JaWow! Me likes the JaWoll socks.

Yeah, yeah, you’re still not getting them. 😉 

firefly8868 said

Very petty socks … I love the brown yarn best.

What is it about that brown yarn? Not that I don’t like it too – after all, I bought the stuff. But as you can see:

Ingrid said:

I love the color of the JaWoll – that lace patern is nice too:)

It’s unanimous. Everybody likes the brown socks with the tiny needles and the slightly insane stitch gauge. 

Ingrid said:It’s cruel math where UFO don’t decrease in number, despite becoming FO;) But congrats on the FO!

The worst part is that the more I delve into the stash the more UFOs I find! I think there’s a wormhole in there somewhere…

Rebecca said:

I think you should post photos and descriptions of all 30 UFO’s (just because I’m curious). Nice blog!!!

Well, this was a good idea in that it gave me something to blog about but it was a bad idea because I keep finding more stuff. On the other hand, I keep finding more stuff. I do love knitting and I will finish all these things and many more eventually. 

firefly8868 said:

Ouch … 29 projects. How in the world do you manage them all? I’d be cross-eyed with organization delirium. Good luck with it all though!

Manage? Who said I manage them? I think they’re the ones in control actually. I’m just a helpless victim. You can tell this is an older comment because it mentions only 29 UFOs. I think the count is now 33.

Anyone surprised to hear I live alone? At least I don’t have to hide any of this stash. I don’t think it would be possible anyway.

Ingrid said:

I’m looking forward to seeing the mitered squares – more koigu for you on the way!

Ingrid is another friend. I’ve been getting donations of leftover Koigu from other people’s sock knitting which is great. Not only does it increase the supply – always good – but it adds some colors I wouldn’t have bought for myself that add a lot to the mix. I’m enjoying this project – not that I’ve worked on it much – still. I think it’ll be pretty fabulous when it’s completed. It’s in the early design stages. I’ve knitted several of the little mitered squares but not enough for one round yet, so nothing is joined up. I’ve got time to decide where I’m going with it. It’ll show up in the UFO parade when I get to the section on sweaters for me.

firefly8868 said:

Well done, and good luck as you move forward in the game!

Thank you, Sock Wars was fun. I managed to take out three other knitters before I got killed off. If it runs again (next year?), I hope even more people sign up. It turned out to be more a matter of random mail follies than an issue of speed knitting. Even beginning sock knitters managed to make kills and some of the really speedy knitters just ended up taking each other out. It’ll be interesting to find out who wins. 

Ingrid said:

If only I could have yarn instead of a couch, I’d be a happy, happy woman;) I currently have yarn poking out of every visible place in our house – the kitchen and bathroom so far are safe. But for how long?

Resistance is futile. We are stash, your home will be inundated.

That’s all the comments so far. Way more than I expected to see. Thank you all for stopping by. 


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  1. Stephanie said,

    Now that you’ve done such a good job of answering your comments I feel bad that I didn’t answer yours. I’ll try harder.

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