October 29, 2006


Posted in knitting at 11:53 am by nephele

So I’m right in the middle of documenting all the UFOs I have on needles when my acute ADKD strikes again. My LYS is having a sale (such a dangerous phrase) and I’d picked up a couple of balls* of Karabella’s Margritte Bulky in a deep, bricky red with the intention to make a pair of simple arm warmers.  It’s been getting a bit chilly in the mornings lately and, well…



Hopefully they won’t stay UFOs for long. I’m keeping things real simple. Not much shaping, no thumb, just a slit more or less. This should be a quick finish project.

I started something else too but this is legit! No, really. It’s Christmas knitting. Starting it now was actually smart. This is for my brother and his wife.

It’s a Colinette Afghan kit in the Rustic colorway. Their home is all in earthtones so it should fit in well. The kit comes with six different patterns any one of which can be made with the yarn enclosed. This is the one I’m making:

I just started yesterday and as you can see I’ve already started the third diamond. There’s only 21 total diamonds in the entire afghan. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting this done by Christmas despite the fact that it’s not a very portable project. And, hey! That means I can keep working on my armwarmers too.

…I am a sick, sick woman…

*Okay, hands up, who thinks that’s all I bought during the sale?


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  1. Love the name of your blog. I am just myself learning how to knit on circular needles. You have made some wonderful stuff. – Stephanie

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