October 26, 2006

UFO Parade – Part V

Posted in knitting at 11:26 am by nephele

Today we get to the shawls.  

UFO Shawl #1

This is the first lace shawl I ever started. I’ve finished a few others while this poor thing has languished on the needles. Since I wasn’t sure about this whole lace-weight thing, I used some cheap machine knitting yarn I got on ebay. I’m not sure of the content but my money is on it being a wool/acrylic blend. It knits up fine but has that slightly plastic feel. It remains to be seen how it’ll block. 

The pattern is Kerry from Traditional Knitted Shawls. This is a center out, square shawl. I like the sections I’ve completed so far but I never like the next part of the pattern. Up to this point the patterns all have a very linear feel to them. The next section is more of a floral eyelet pattern. It strikes a wrong note with me so I’ve always intended to change it and then finish it off with a similarly linear looking edging. I have the edging picked out and I have a couple of ideas for the last section but I haven’t gotten around to checking out the math. So, it sits. One of these days…

UFO Shawl #2

This should be a familiar sight to a lot of people. It’s Birch from Rowan Magazine # 34. The yarn is of course, Rowan Kidsilk Haze in #583 Blushes. This is my second Birch. The first one was in color #590 Pearl. I don’t normally wear pale colors but that’s actually why I picked it. I wanted the lace to show up well and that light beige provided a great contrast to my normal black, bright and/or jewel tone clothes. It also looks great with the Rowan Plaid sweater/coat I made last winter. Anyway… This second Birch was originally intended as a gift for someone else, but I don’t know now. I may have to keep it. I’ve got a while to decide since it’s no where near the top of the “things to finish soon” list and I’ve only just started on the second ball. Will I be selfish? Will I be nice and give it away as intended? It probably depends a lot on what kind of shape Birch #1 is in by the time I get around to finishing this one.

UFO Shawl #3

This one was a lot of fun, but I got bogged down in the border pattern. After investigating some links I found, and signed up for, the Mystery Shawl-a-long #2. This was a knit-a-long with an interesting difference. The pattern is doled out to the group in weekly increments. You don’t get see what the finished shawl looks like until it’s all over. It sounded intriguing and I had a hank of lace yarn that had just been lying around for years so I gave it whirl.

The first thing we were given was a small chart to follow for knitting a gauge swatch. We were also given yardage requirements and the sole bit of info on the finished shawl: it was a triangle. I got out my yarn, Grignasco Regina in Federal Blue, and dutifully knitted my swatch. Then the real fun began.

Chart number one was for a small triangle, cast on 3 stitches, I think. Okay. A Triangle shawl that started at the point,  I was sure I knew where this was going. One week later we got #2. It continued the triangle, which I expected, but the stitch pattern started to change in ways I didn’t expect. Week three brought another piece of the triangle which again changed in ways I didn’t expect. The part I really didn’t expect was the instruction to bind off all stitches. The end of week three and we had a little triangle with no live stitches. Huh? I was anxiously awaiting the 4th chart to find out what was going to happen next. It turned out that we had to pick up stitches all around the short sides of the triangle and knit a border pattern. Now it made sense! It was a triangular version of a Shetland type shawl. The triangle of the first three weeks was the half-square central part. Part 4 was the border pattern. I was now expecting part 5 to be an edging. This time my expectations where met.

Up to this point I’d actually finished each part of the shawl before the next piece of the pattern became available. The combination of an edging that had no plain rows and a long, hard to memorize repeat coupled with the loss of anticipation I’d had waiting for each part of that pattern conspired to take the wind right out of me. It was October. I had Christmas knitting to get started on. This shawl has been stuffed in a bag ever since. I really should finish it. It’s very pretty.

Of course, I’ve got 30 other things I really should finish. Then there are those couple of items I need to start and finish for Christmas this year.


At least I’m never at a loss for something to work on.


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