October 25, 2006

UFO Parade – Part IV

Posted in knitting at 10:25 am by nephele

Now that I’m back from the Sock Wars it’s time to get going on the UFO list again. Today’s entry is all about shrugs.

People seem to either love or hate shrugs. Me? I find them useful garments. I tend to wear short sleeve tops all year long. In the fall and parts of spring it’s too cold for bare arms but not cold enough for a full sweater, jacket or coat (California – love it!). Shrugs and shawls come in very handy during those transitional weather times. They’re also easy to carry around later in the day when it’s warmed up and I don’t need to wear them anymore. So I fall on the “Love” side of the shrug question. Here are three I’m working on.

UFO Shrug #1


This is one I’m designing for myself. I like the cover piece from Scarf Style but I don’t like to wear turtlenecks. I’ve seen a few examples of that piece in person and find the unshaped sleeves to be less than great. So… this is the beginning of a fitted sleeve which will eventually hook up with a V neck shrug body and another sleeve. I’m going to make a full set in sleeve since I think the neckline will work better that way. The yarn is Anny Blatt Aida in color #090 Capucine.

UFO Shrug # 2


I’ve got a pattern for this one. It’s the Isis Wrap from Interweave Knits, Summer ’05. It’s a pretty simple shape: cast on the back and work up and over to the front adding sleeves on the way. The lace pattern is what makes this an interesting knit. As is usual for me, I had to modify the pattern to fit but the simple shape made that very easy. Basically I just cast on for a few more lace pattern repeats.

The yarn is Garnstudio Silke #08, which I unearthed from my stash. Unfortunately that yarn is discontinued but they do have a tweed version now. If you’ve never looked at the Garnstudio website you should. They’ve got a treasure trove of free patterns. They put up nearly the entire contents of their Drops magazines. Go, download, you’re welcome.

UFO Shrug #3

 Originally I thought I only had two shrugs on the needles. Yeah, well… So here’s number 3*:

The pattern comes from Knit It! magazine. This is pretty much a house publication from Lion Brand Yarn so, of course, the patterns all call for their yarn. That doesn’t mean you have to use them though. The original was made with a bulky natural colored acrylic/wool yarn. It was pretty cute that way. I like this way better. I’m using Colinette Tagliatelli #48 Florentina. I got this yarn in a barter exchange with a friend. I got the yarn, she got me to sew up 2 or 3 of here sweaters.

My Friend ordered the yarn online and color she got was quite different from what she’d seen on the computer. There are always issues with ordering online if you’re not familiar with the yarn but Colinette is probably one of the worst. I love her yarns and colors but they can change – a lot – between dye lots. This is definitely a yarn you want to ALWAYS buy enough of for a project. You’ll never get a match from a different dye lot and maybe not even from the same lot. Anyway, her loss was my gain. I love the color.

The picture shows that this one is the closest to finished. The big piece is the back. The two triangles are the fronts and the sleeves are on the needles. It’s a raglan so there’s a long way to go on the sleeves. Once it’s sewn up it gets a wide, ribbed collar/edging too, so it’s not quite as far along as it looks.

That’s it for shrugs. Next time: shawls

* Yeah that does makes the UFO count 31, your point?


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