October 23, 2006

Thus With a Sock I Die

Posted in Knitalongs at 4:07 pm by nephele

 What’s here? A sock, clos’d in my mailman’s hand?
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.
O churl! knit all, and left no friendly yarn
To help me after? I will don thy socks.
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them
To make me die with a restorative.
My feet are warm! Then I’ll be brief. O happy socks!
These are thy feet; there rest, and let me die.*

 I went to the post office today to mail off my latest salvo in Sock Wars. When I got back I found and odd, squishy, blue package in the mail. I managed to open the plastic bag (eventually – all hail the gods of tape). Inside it was… another bag. Inside that? A bag. Next? Why look, it is a bag. I finally made it to the final layer and sure enough, a finished pair of socks.

Thus ends my career as a Sock Warrior, until next time anyway. My assassin did soften the blow with a pretty pair of silver and hematite earrings inside a little turquoise damask pouch. The note on the card said: I hope these socks find you well (and then kill you!) 🙂

* With apologies to Wm Shakespeare.


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