October 20, 2006

UFO Parade – Part III

Posted in knitting at 10:27 am by nephele

Today’s UFOs are all sweaters for other people.

UFO Sweater 1

First up is a sweater for a friend of mine. Based on the responses to my socks, I guessing this will be today’s favorite. The picture came out much redder in tone than the real thing. The color is actually very similar to that of the JaWoll sock that everyone liked.

She doesn’t know I’m making it but she doesn’t know about this blog either so it shouldn’t be a problem. The pattern is Zigzag from Knitty. The yarn is Jo Sharp “Silk Road DK Tweed” in color #411 Granary. As you can see from the picture this one is almost done. I just need to finish the second sleeve and sew both sleeves on. This pattern is worked in the round so there will be minimal finishing. There aren’t even many yarn ends because this yarn splices beautifully.

UFO Sweater 2 

This sweater is for another friend. He does know about it which is good since he also knows about the blog.

The pattern is Spray from the Rowan Plaid book. I made this sweater out of Plaid a couple of years ago for my brother. It makes a nice, big gauge man’s sweater. This friend is a sports fan and asked for a sweater in San Jose Sharks colors. He even loaned me one of his Sharks trading cards to use as a color swatch. I took it with me to my LYS. The black and silver were pretty easy to come up with but the teal was more of a challenge. I was glad I had the card with me because everyone thought it should be more turquiose than it really is. I could only find two yarns in the whole store that were the right color. One was an Adrianne Vitadini boucle – not so great for a man’s sweater. I picked the other one. I’m holding three strands together to get gauge, one each of elsebeth lavold’s Angora #6 and Silky Wools #003 & #33. It’s going to be a very warm sweater but the friend it’s for goes to Lake Tahoe in the winter time so he should get some use out of it.

UFO Sweater 3

Sweater #3 is a store sample for my LYS. Since the whole thing is beige and my apartment carpet is beige… I put it on my quilt to photograph. This quilt was a present from a friend. I’d admired it while she was working on it and when it was done she gave it to me! I really wasn’t angling for that but I sure don’t regret that she took my admiration that way. 

 The pattern is Alda from Anny Blatt book #191. It’s classic Anny Blatt so there are lots of different yarns called for but the bulk of it is Cashmir Anny (a merino/cashmere blend). As a shop sample I’m trying to use exactly the yarn called for in the pattern. I came close. The only change is the Kanpur silk. The store didn’t have the right color in stock so I went on shade lighter. You can see it as the pale dividing line between the furry stuff on the multi textured sleeve. That little strip on the needle is the the first of seven pieces which, when assembled, make the front of the sweater. To be honest, I’m not sure how much time this sweater will spend in the store; it’s the owner’s size and she loves beige.

UFO Sweater 4

The last entry today is another friend sweater also shown on the quilt for contrast.

The pattern is from a Jaeger magazine (sorry, I don’t have the number). The yarn is Jaeger “Trinity” in colors 444, 445 & 430. The pattern called for a fourth, higher contrast color but the shop didn’t have it. I altered the striping sequence to use only three colors. I think it actually looks better with the more suble stripes that resulted. My friend likes it too. She picked out the pattern and yarn for this so she’d better like it.  I’m making it as part of a barter exchange. This friend and her husband have a cottage business making custom stuffed animals. They make a couple for me and I’m making sweaters for her. I also dressed one of their creations, an anthropomophic sheep, in a three-piece knitted suit. Not too surprisingly, the person who bought owns a yarn shop. You can see some of their critters on their website: Stuffe & Nonsense.

This ends part three of the UFO Parade – now back to knitting on my next “Sock of Doom”.


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  1. Rebecca said,

    You were right. The brown sweater is certainly my personal favorite…but not just because it’s brown. Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed is one of my favorite yarns and the pattern is a winner!

    It’s a good thing you’re finished with sock wars. Now you’ll have plenty of time to work on my JoWoll socks 😉

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