October 19, 2006

UFO Parade, Part II

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 9:56 am by nephele

Today’s entry in the parade of unfinished projects is all about hand coverings. I’ve got three projects in this catagory.


First up today is the first in a pair of gloves I’m making up as I go.

The yarn is the very lovely Lane Borgosesia “Bollicina” in color #17,  which is a deeper red than appears here. This yarn is 65% cashmere and 35% silk. Yeah that’s not going to feel good at all.  The pattern includes lots of little details, like short rows across the knuckles, which should make them extra comfortable to wear. I’ve also got some black “Gala” which I plan to put around the cuffs covering the ribbing with sparkly ‘fur’.


This pair of nearly complete mittens is another experiment.

The yarn is Madil “Rebus” in colors 935, 936 & 937. I’d made a scarf and hat out of this stuff and had a fair amount left over. I decided mittens were in order. I finished the hat while I was at my LYS and I didn’t have anything else with me to work on, nor did I have any extra needles. So I decided to try a technique I’d heard of which allows you to knit a tube on two straight needles by slipping every other stitch. Since you need to slip the stitches purl-wise with the yarn in front, I decided it would be easier to just work the mittens inside out. This way every row after the garter stitch cuff would be purl anyway which would cut done on the yarn manipulation and reduce the chances of goofing it up. I made it through the first mitten just fine, though the thumb is a little wider than necessary. The second mitten… you see that little bit of coral colored plastic in the middle of the palm? That’s a stitch holder marking the stitch that crossed the tube. It’s a bit of a problem. Given the texture of the yarn, I think I can just clip it and weave in an extra bit of yarn to fix the hole. The only other choice would be to frog the whole thing back and… I don’t wanna. I’ll probably finish these soon so I can wear the whole set this winter. They go very nicely with my fuschia wool coat.

By the way that technique – knitting tubes flat – is fabulous for small tubes like glove fingers. You know how fiddly those are with so few stitches on multiple needles. This technique keeps all the stitches on one needle. I’m using it to work the fingers on my red gloves and it’s definitely a winner.


This one is barely started.

The yarn is Noro “Big Kuryon”. I don’t have the color number because some else provide the – already balled – yarn and I never saw the label. These are going to be the cabled fingerless mittens from, I think, Stitch ‘n Bitch: Nation. I’ve already made one pair for myself. These are for the owner of my LYS. Given how much I’ve procrastinated on them though, I think I’ll give her mine which I’ve never worn. This pair will then replace them.

That’s the end of today’s UFOs. Stay tuned for more, lots more.

I won’t be making any progress  on the UFOs today or tomorrow. I’ve received the next unfinished sock for Sock Wars and I need to work on that so I can kill another target 🙂


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