October 18, 2006

UFOs Part 1

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 9:15 am by nephele

I finally got a digital camera yesterday. Now I can start documenting all those lovely UFOs I’ve been talking about. Since we’re still in Socktober, I’ll start with the socks.

UFO Sock #1

This pair was started about a week ago. I’m using the rib pattern from the Sock Wars “Sock of Doom” but otherwise this is my personal, default sock pattern. The yarn is Koigu KPPPM in color #P118A and I’m using size 1US needles for a stockinette gauge of 8.5 sts to the inch. These are my current commuter knitting. Given the simplicity of the pattern, I should finish these quickly.

UFO Sock #2

 This pair was started some time ago but set aside for deadline knitting. The yarn is Claudia Handpaints. I don’t have the labels handy so that’s the only info your getting on it, sorry. The yarn was a “just because” gift from a couple of knitting friends. Even though I’m using the same size (1US) needles and the yarn looks very similar to Koigu, I’m getting a slightly different gauge: 8 sts. / inch in stockinette. Again this is my generic sock with a lace pattern from Barbara Walker (from the second treasury I think) called Fawn’s Eye. It’s a pretty simple pattern to execute but it doesn’t have any plain rows so I have to pay a bit more attention to it. I’ll probably manage to finish these this month but no promises 😉

UFO Sock #3

 Here’s the final sock in the parade:

 Not even half of a pair yet and I started these ages ago. The yarn is of course JaWoll in color #0095. I’m using size 0US for these since this yarn is somewhat lighter in weight than the others. This gives me a stitch gauge in stockinette of 11 stitches per inch. Yikes! That’s going to be a lot of stitches before I have a pair.  They’ll be very nice though. I do like the fabric I’m getting here. These socks will be comfortable in any of my shoes.  Yes, this is once again my standard pattern, with more stiches (90 cast on) obviously. This time I’m using the classic Horseshoe Lace. The sock is actually based on one from Vogue’s On the Go: Socks II book. That pattern called for JaWoll but was much too small as written for my feet so I modified.

That’s it for the first part of the UFO list. I’ll try to take more pictures tonight and get more of the list posted.

PS: Like my nifty sock blocker? Why yes, it is a bent wire hanger with a white knee-high covering it. How’d you guess? The funny thing is that I was just eyeballing it while I bent it and yet it turned out to be exactly the same length as my feet. Go figure.



  1. Ingrid said,

    I love the color of the JaWoll – that lace patern is nice too:)

  2. firefly8868 said,

    Very petty sociks … I love the brown yarn best.


  3. Rebecca said,

    JaWow! Me likes the JaWoll socks.

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