October 17, 2006

My Doom Looms

Posted in Knitalongs at 2:17 pm by nephele

I got a report (or taunt really since it came from the assassin 😉 ) over the weekend that the Socks of Doom intended to knock me out of Sock Wars were complete. Now I see on my assassin’s blog that she has put them in the mail! Perhaps they’ll fall out of the plane over the Atlantic? Yeah, probably not. Still, with the distances involved I ought to be able to take out at least one more target before I meet with my demise. Maybe even two?

And hey! They are socks for Socktober, right? Even if I only knit part of them it still counts.

Of course these various Socks of Doom do nothing to reduce the UFO tally. The first pair were started and finished before I took inventory – finished in two days actually, definitely a record for me. The unfinished socks I’m being sent to complete for the next target are really someone else’s UFOs (or several someones). I’m just the next and hopefully last in the chain. So the count remains UFOs: 30 Nephele:1


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