October 15, 2006

1 Down, 29 to Go!

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 11:03 am by nephele

I finished one of my UFOs yesterday, hooray! It was even a pair of socks so it qualifies for Socktoberfest. So, I hear you ask, where’s the picture? Um, well… there isn’t one. I still haven’t gotten the camera. Okay then, how about a crappy scan? Sorry, nope. The socks are gone. They were a designing project for (hopefully) publication. If they do get published, don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it.

I’ll distract you with an updated UFO tally:

Socks: 3 pairs

Gloves/wrist-warmers etc: 3 pairs

Shawls/shrugs: 5

Sweaters for me: 7 (that I’m sure of but there’s probably more buried in the stash)

Sweaters for others: 4

Bags/purses: 4

Afghans: 2

Misc: 2

I totalled that up and I came up with 30!?! Again? But I just finished one pair of socks included in the original tally. Shouldn’t it have gone down by 1? I think I have a problem…


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  1. Ingrid said,

    It’s cruel math where UFO don’t decrease in number, despite becoming FO;) But congrats on the FO!

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