October 12, 2006

Put Another Notch On My Needlecase!

Posted in Knitalongs at 8:18 am by nephele

In the frenzy of yarn and knitting that is Sock Wars, I have managed to take down another target. (Cue music: Theme from Jaws) Okay, she’s not actually “dead” yet. She won’t be “dead” until she receives the socks, but I’m mailing them today so she is “dying” slowly, but surely. Any hey, I finished a pair of socks in Socktober! Two knitting credits in one. Unfortunately it doesn’t reduce my UFO list because these socks weren’t counted in the original list! Ack!

Here’s a scan of the completed socks (still have to get a camera, maybe this weekend?):

Socks of Doom II

A nice, seasonally appropriate, pumpkin pie orange. The yarn this time was Brown Sheep Superwash. Same “Sock of Doom” pattern, as are all the socks – or at least they’re supposed to be. A few people either mis-read or misunderstood the pattern but none of the resulting socks were ugly or misshapen, they just had different rib patterns. You can certainly see the pattern better on these socks than you could on my original, dark blue pair.

Oh and I found another shawl I’d forgotten I was working on. 30 UFOs, heh. At least I’ll never lack for something to work on, right?


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  1. Rebecca said,

    I think you should post photos and descriptions of all 30 UFO’s (just because I’m curious).

    Nice blog!!!

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