October 10, 2006

ADKD revisited

Posted in knitting at 11:18 am by nephele

Ever since I wrote the initial post on ADKD I’ve been finding more and more stuff on needles.

I found a shawl I’d forgotten all about. It’s a second Birch since I loved the first one so much. I may yet give this second one to my sister-in-law (that was the original intention). It depends on how greedy I’m feeling and what kind of shape the first Birch is in when I get around to finishing number two.

I also unearthed a scarf I’d started in some yummy camel hair yarn in a pretty coral color. This is a scan of it (no camera yet but I’ll be addressing that soon):

Camel coral scarf

The color in the scan is a little pinker than actual yarn. The turquoise at the bottom is just some waste yarn. I’m planning this as a seaman’s type of scarf but I’m going to knit a lace border onto the bottom edge. I’m also thinking of putting a reversable cable into the center ribbed section. This will draw it up even more which is okay with me. I think it’ll be cute but I’ve got to finish it first.

I started another pair of socks last week. In my defense it’s Sock Wars¬†related. I started a backup pair because I hadn’t heard from my victim and wasn’t sure what was up with her unfinished pair. I’ve since heard and should get them soon so I can take out her target and move on down the assassination line. I still went ahead and worked both socks up to about seven inches long in the foot and then put them on holders. If I need them later I’ll just need to do the toes. I’ll only use them if someone drops out without passing on their partial socks or if some get lost/destroyed in the mail. There was some talk on the Sock Wars forum about providing socks for people who for some reason end up not getting any. These backups could go for that as well. If not, I’ve got a friend who wants them.

I started and finished something else too. I got my kit from Rowan International it’s a cute little bag made of Handknit Cotton. They let you pick a color this time and I chose the red. I’m thinking it may end up being Christmas wrapping for something. At least I finished it so it’s off the needles and doesn’t count anymore.

Let’s see, what else. I know there was something. Oh yeah, another sweater. I taught a short workshop at my LYS on using up leftovers and in preparation I started something I’d been thinking about. A while back I did a stash trade with a friend. She got some lovely, but not good for me, heathery moss green merino. I got 8 balls of equally nice Rowan 4 ply Soft in (much better for me) black. I probably could have managed a short sleeve top out of it but I live in California. I just don’t have that much use for a wool top. I’m in Northern California though so a wool cardigan is just fine. Unfortunately 8 balls wouldn’t go far on my more than ample torso. So… enter the scrap yarn. I’ve got lots of leftover bits of Koigu from making socks and I’ve been given more leftovers from friends. I’m putting this with the black yarn and making small, 2 1/2 inch, mitered squares. These will eventually grow into a diamond jacket.

I think that makes the total 28 items on needles now. Maybe I’d better stop looking before I hit 30.


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  1. Ingrid said,

    I’m looking forward to seeing the mitered squares – more koigu for you on the way!

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