October 5, 2006

Socks of Doom

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 12:30 pm by nephele

I’ve been taking part in my first internet knit exchange. It’s a little twisted though – in a good way. It’s a game of Assassin in which you “kill” your target by knitting them a pair of socks.

I got the pattern (we’re all using the same one) on September 23rd in the morning and grafted the toe on the second sock by the evening of the 24th. That is the fastest I’ve ever knit anything. Due to some communication snafus (the organizer of the event – Yarn Monkey – was hit with the tail end of hurricane Gordon, which took down power and internet access right when this whole thing was set to start. The vicissitudes of war, ey?) it took a day or so to get the address of my poor victim. The socks got mailed out on the 26th.

I was in such a rush to get the package out (competitive, moi?) that I never got a picture. Luckily for me the recently departed sent a picture back when she got the package.

Pattern: International Socks of Doom by Yarn Monkey
Yarn: Reynolds Odyssey (2 balls in Denim Mix)

I picked the denim blue because at least a few of the sock warriors are men and I try to be a considerate assassin 😉

So now I wait for my victim’s unfinished socks so I can kill her target or perhaps my stalkers finished socks which will do me in. Which will it be?


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  1. firefly8868 said,

    Well done, and good luck as you move forward in the game!


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