October 4, 2006

Almost Famous

Posted in knitting at 11:50 am by nephele

So about 4 years ago a new yarn shop opened up 3 miles from my home. I went by one day to check it out. They had a couple of tables set up to knit at and I had a sock with me so… I stayed and knit for a bit. Since it was a nice place to hang out I kept coming back. after a couple of months later I started knitting samples for the store in exchange for yarn (I love a self-supporting addiction).

Eventually the owner of the store gave me some of her own designs to knit up prototypes. She was mostly designing directly for yarn companies so these pieces went off to trade shows. Then last spring she had three different designs accepted for publication by Vogue. Most magazines will send you the yarn that they want you to knit the final design from. This way they can highlight their advertisers and control the final color scheme of the magazine. Typically, you’ll have about three weeks from the time the yarn arrives to get the piece knitted and back out to the magazine for the photo shoot. The yarn they give you might be a completely different gauge as well. This can cause plenty of stress with only one item to knit, imagine knitting 3 in that time frame and one of them was a long-sleeved dress with cables and crocheted flowers! So, I helped.

This was the first time I’d knitted something that was actually going to be published. I knit the top that was for Vogue’s Knit Simple. By the way, there is an error in the istruction for this top. In the striped section they got the two yarns reversed. The garter ridges are in the purple silk and the stockinette stripes are the variegated mohair blend.

Purple Top

 There was also a grey cabled pullover for Vogue Knitting. This one was a real group effort. The designer knit the sleeves and the front cable strips. Another lady knit the back and I knit the side front panels.

Grey Cable Sweater

 I helped with dress by making about half the flowers and about half a dozen pom-poms. Unfortunately, internal business issues caused the dress to be dropped at the last minute. This was a real shame since it was originally slated for the cover.


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