October 3, 2006


Posted in knitting at 7:41 pm by nephele

What is ADKD? That’d be Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder – and I’m a clear sufferer. Why don’t we tally up the evidence?

On the Needles: 

Socks: 4 pairs

Gloves/wrist-warmers etc: 3 pairs

Shawls/shrugs: 3

Sweaters for me: 6 (that I’m sure of but there’s probably more buried in the stash)

Sweaters for others: 4

Bags/purses: 4

Afghans: 2

Misc: 1

Total: 26! Good thing I have a lot of needles, huh?

Projects I have yarn for but haven’t cast on yet? Yeah, lets not go there okay?

Rooms in my apartment? 5

Rooms with yarn in them? 4 (I don’t like fluff in my food, so no yarn in my tiny kitchen.

Rooms with knitting on the needles? Also 4.

Worst offender? The living-room. I don’t have a sofa; I have yarn.

Last time I bought yarn? When was in the yarn shop last? Same answer: last weekend.

Reason for this blog? To talk about knitting.

Really, it’s hopeless.


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  1. Ingrid said,

    If only I could have yarn instead of a couch, I’d be a happy, happy woman;) I currently have yarn poking out of every visible place in our house – the kitchen and bathroom so far are safe. But for how long?

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