October 31, 2006

Socktober Never Ends

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Here it is already Socktober 31st and I’m not ready for it to end. I’ve got way to much sock knitting to do. But the calendar has spoken. This was my first Socktoberfest so lets see how I did.

I finished a pair of socks at the beginning of the month (before I started the blog). Here they are:

The yarn is Koigu KPPPM and the pattern is my own (with thanks to Barbara Walker).

Score: 1 point

The 3 unfinished pairs of socks from my UFO list:


Progress? The cuff of sock 2 in the first pair is now about twice as long as what you see here. The others haven’t been touched.

Score: 0.2

Sock Wars Socks:

The first pair don’t count, they were finished in September. Pair 3 was only partially knit by me but pair 2 counts in full.

Score: 1.6

My sock yarn stash that still needs knitting:

 Part 1 – Trekking XXL


Part 2 – Koigu KPPPM


Part 3 – Schaefer Anne

Part 4 – (from left) Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport, Blue Moon Sock That Rock x2, Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Part 5 – Lang JaWoll. I’m looking at these colors now and thinking Arrrgyles.

Part 6 – Regia lots of Regia

Part 7 – (from left) Opal, Lana Grossa Meilenweit, GGH Marathon, Knit Picks Memories (the hanks), Knit Picks Essentials, Schoeller+Stahl Socka, Schoeller-Esslinger Fortissima, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

The two Knit Picks yarns were purchase with a plan in mind. I want to use them together in a fair isle patterned sock. The Shepherd Sock is also planned for. I want to make a pair of mitred square socks. The rainbow yarn will alternate with a solid in the miters.

Notice how almost all of the hanks are already wound? Makes me look all prepared to start knitting doesn’t it? This could be a small part of the problem. When I’m itching to start something different there’s no prep time during which I might reconsider. I’m doomed.

Score: never-mind

Just one small corner of my stash. See? The number of UFOs I have is actually proportional to the size of my stash. I’m perfectly normal (for sufficiently large values of normal).

I did make some good progress on my Christmas knitting though.

I feel good about this. I nearly always work better when there is a deadline involved. I don’t always enjoy it as much – especially when the deadline looms – but I at least manage to stay faithful to one project for a bit longer.


October 30, 2006


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I’m kind of amazed that people I’ve never met are apparently reading this thing already. I’ve got some friends who are checking it out but strangers? Wow. Some of them are even leaving comments. I’m not quite sure what to do with those. Should I comment on the comment? Email the commenter? Mention the comments in my next post? If they’ve got a blog and left that info in the comment, should I go comment on their blog? I’ve left a few comments of my own in the blogiverse. I never got and never expected replies. Of course, I was usually commenting on a well established blog. I don’t think anybody really expects the Yarn Harlot to give private responses to all of her comments. But I’m no Yarn Harlot (yarn harlot – yes, Yarn Harlot -no) and I need something to post today, so… In reverse order, because that’s how they’re listed on the comment page and I’m lazy, comments:

Stephanie said:

Love the name of your blog. I am just myself learning how to knit on circular needles. You have made some wonderful stuff.

Thanks Stephanie. Like most people I started with straight needles too. Eventually I needed circulars (for a gansey if I recall correctly). It was okay but I didn’t love it. Then I found Addi Turbos. It was love at first stitch. I realized pretty quickly that anything you could do with straight needles could be done on circulars. Then I learn about the socks on two circulars thing and that was that. I donated all my straight needles to my LYS for a Knit-Out they were planning and I gave my Quick Silver dpns to a friend who prefers using them. I now own lots of Turbos, at least one of every needle size available and lots of different cable lengths. I also have the new Knitpicks needle set and two Denise needle sets. All of which helps explain why I can have so many projects on needles and still cast on for something new. Not that that means you have to like circulars. Just like you don’t have to knit in a particular style or only knit certain types of things. As long as you enjoy it that’s what matters.

Rebecca said:

You were right. The brown sweater is certainly my personal favorite…but not just because it’s brown. Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed is one of my favorite yarns and the pattern is a winner! It’s a good thing you’re finished with sock wars. Now you’ll have plenty of time to work on my JoWoll socks

Rebecca is a friend of mine but that doesn’t mean she’s getting those socks! Besides, her feet are longer than mine and that’s the sock with 11 stitch per inch gauge! I’m not doing anything to make those take longer to finish.

Ninja Knitter said:

Wow they came out really cute! What a great idea to reverse the colors on the second sock!

I liked them too. It was necessity though rather than design choice. You were right, there was just no way there’d be enough of the green for another whole sock. I wasn’t even entirely sure I’d have enough to finish the green sock and do a toe and heel on the orange. I was prepared to use a third color for both of the toes if I had too but it worked out fine. There was even a bit of each left over which I sent along with the socks. 

Céline said:

Wow! Those are cool socks! I did not know people did that in knitting, start an item, pass it on, etc. Must alleviate the “I have to finish this” syndrome.

I really like your UFO parade

Keep em needles going!

Thanks, I can’t take too much credit though (see above). I’d never done anything like this either but I must say it was fun. I hope Sock Wars becomes an annual event. I know I’m up for another round.

Rebecca said:

JaWow! Me likes the JaWoll socks.

Yeah, yeah, you’re still not getting them. 😉 

firefly8868 said

Very petty socks … I love the brown yarn best.

What is it about that brown yarn? Not that I don’t like it too – after all, I bought the stuff. But as you can see:

Ingrid said:

I love the color of the JaWoll – that lace patern is nice too:)

It’s unanimous. Everybody likes the brown socks with the tiny needles and the slightly insane stitch gauge. 

Ingrid said:It’s cruel math where UFO don’t decrease in number, despite becoming FO;) But congrats on the FO!

The worst part is that the more I delve into the stash the more UFOs I find! I think there’s a wormhole in there somewhere…

Rebecca said:

I think you should post photos and descriptions of all 30 UFO’s (just because I’m curious). Nice blog!!!

Well, this was a good idea in that it gave me something to blog about but it was a bad idea because I keep finding more stuff. On the other hand, I keep finding more stuff. I do love knitting and I will finish all these things and many more eventually. 

firefly8868 said:

Ouch … 29 projects. How in the world do you manage them all? I’d be cross-eyed with organization delirium. Good luck with it all though!

Manage? Who said I manage them? I think they’re the ones in control actually. I’m just a helpless victim. You can tell this is an older comment because it mentions only 29 UFOs. I think the count is now 33.

Anyone surprised to hear I live alone? At least I don’t have to hide any of this stash. I don’t think it would be possible anyway.

Ingrid said:

I’m looking forward to seeing the mitered squares – more koigu for you on the way!

Ingrid is another friend. I’ve been getting donations of leftover Koigu from other people’s sock knitting which is great. Not only does it increase the supply – always good – but it adds some colors I wouldn’t have bought for myself that add a lot to the mix. I’m enjoying this project – not that I’ve worked on it much – still. I think it’ll be pretty fabulous when it’s completed. It’s in the early design stages. I’ve knitted several of the little mitered squares but not enough for one round yet, so nothing is joined up. I’ve got time to decide where I’m going with it. It’ll show up in the UFO parade when I get to the section on sweaters for me.

firefly8868 said:

Well done, and good luck as you move forward in the game!

Thank you, Sock Wars was fun. I managed to take out three other knitters before I got killed off. If it runs again (next year?), I hope even more people sign up. It turned out to be more a matter of random mail follies than an issue of speed knitting. Even beginning sock knitters managed to make kills and some of the really speedy knitters just ended up taking each other out. It’ll be interesting to find out who wins. 

Ingrid said:

If only I could have yarn instead of a couch, I’d be a happy, happy woman;) I currently have yarn poking out of every visible place in our house – the kitchen and bathroom so far are safe. But for how long?

Resistance is futile. We are stash, your home will be inundated.

That’s all the comments so far. Way more than I expected to see. Thank you all for stopping by. 

October 29, 2006


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So I’m right in the middle of documenting all the UFOs I have on needles when my acute ADKD strikes again. My LYS is having a sale (such a dangerous phrase) and I’d picked up a couple of balls* of Karabella’s Margritte Bulky in a deep, bricky red with the intention to make a pair of simple arm warmers.  It’s been getting a bit chilly in the mornings lately and, well…



Hopefully they won’t stay UFOs for long. I’m keeping things real simple. Not much shaping, no thumb, just a slit more or less. This should be a quick finish project.

I started something else too but this is legit! No, really. It’s Christmas knitting. Starting it now was actually smart. This is for my brother and his wife.

It’s a Colinette Afghan kit in the Rustic colorway. Their home is all in earthtones so it should fit in well. The kit comes with six different patterns any one of which can be made with the yarn enclosed. This is the one I’m making:

I just started yesterday and as you can see I’ve already started the third diamond. There’s only 21 total diamonds in the entire afghan. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting this done by Christmas despite the fact that it’s not a very portable project. And, hey! That means I can keep working on my armwarmers too.

…I am a sick, sick woman…

*Okay, hands up, who thinks that’s all I bought during the sale?

October 26, 2006

UFO Parade – Part V

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Today we get to the shawls.  

UFO Shawl #1

This is the first lace shawl I ever started. I’ve finished a few others while this poor thing has languished on the needles. Since I wasn’t sure about this whole lace-weight thing, I used some cheap machine knitting yarn I got on ebay. I’m not sure of the content but my money is on it being a wool/acrylic blend. It knits up fine but has that slightly plastic feel. It remains to be seen how it’ll block. 

The pattern is Kerry from Traditional Knitted Shawls. This is a center out, square shawl. I like the sections I’ve completed so far but I never like the next part of the pattern. Up to this point the patterns all have a very linear feel to them. The next section is more of a floral eyelet pattern. It strikes a wrong note with me so I’ve always intended to change it and then finish it off with a similarly linear looking edging. I have the edging picked out and I have a couple of ideas for the last section but I haven’t gotten around to checking out the math. So, it sits. One of these days…

UFO Shawl #2

This should be a familiar sight to a lot of people. It’s Birch from Rowan Magazine # 34. The yarn is of course, Rowan Kidsilk Haze in #583 Blushes. This is my second Birch. The first one was in color #590 Pearl. I don’t normally wear pale colors but that’s actually why I picked it. I wanted the lace to show up well and that light beige provided a great contrast to my normal black, bright and/or jewel tone clothes. It also looks great with the Rowan Plaid sweater/coat I made last winter. Anyway… This second Birch was originally intended as a gift for someone else, but I don’t know now. I may have to keep it. I’ve got a while to decide since it’s no where near the top of the “things to finish soon” list and I’ve only just started on the second ball. Will I be selfish? Will I be nice and give it away as intended? It probably depends a lot on what kind of shape Birch #1 is in by the time I get around to finishing this one.

UFO Shawl #3

This one was a lot of fun, but I got bogged down in the border pattern. After investigating some links I found, and signed up for, the Mystery Shawl-a-long #2. This was a knit-a-long with an interesting difference. The pattern is doled out to the group in weekly increments. You don’t get see what the finished shawl looks like until it’s all over. It sounded intriguing and I had a hank of lace yarn that had just been lying around for years so I gave it whirl.

The first thing we were given was a small chart to follow for knitting a gauge swatch. We were also given yardage requirements and the sole bit of info on the finished shawl: it was a triangle. I got out my yarn, Grignasco Regina in Federal Blue, and dutifully knitted my swatch. Then the real fun began.

Chart number one was for a small triangle, cast on 3 stitches, I think. Okay. A Triangle shawl that started at the point,  I was sure I knew where this was going. One week later we got #2. It continued the triangle, which I expected, but the stitch pattern started to change in ways I didn’t expect. Week three brought another piece of the triangle which again changed in ways I didn’t expect. The part I really didn’t expect was the instruction to bind off all stitches. The end of week three and we had a little triangle with no live stitches. Huh? I was anxiously awaiting the 4th chart to find out what was going to happen next. It turned out that we had to pick up stitches all around the short sides of the triangle and knit a border pattern. Now it made sense! It was a triangular version of a Shetland type shawl. The triangle of the first three weeks was the half-square central part. Part 4 was the border pattern. I was now expecting part 5 to be an edging. This time my expectations where met.

Up to this point I’d actually finished each part of the shawl before the next piece of the pattern became available. The combination of an edging that had no plain rows and a long, hard to memorize repeat coupled with the loss of anticipation I’d had waiting for each part of that pattern conspired to take the wind right out of me. It was October. I had Christmas knitting to get started on. This shawl has been stuffed in a bag ever since. I really should finish it. It’s very pretty.

Of course, I’ve got 30 other things I really should finish. Then there are those couple of items I need to start and finish for Christmas this year.


At least I’m never at a loss for something to work on.

October 25, 2006

UFO Parade – Part IV

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Now that I’m back from the Sock Wars it’s time to get going on the UFO list again. Today’s entry is all about shrugs.

People seem to either love or hate shrugs. Me? I find them useful garments. I tend to wear short sleeve tops all year long. In the fall and parts of spring it’s too cold for bare arms but not cold enough for a full sweater, jacket or coat (California – love it!). Shrugs and shawls come in very handy during those transitional weather times. They’re also easy to carry around later in the day when it’s warmed up and I don’t need to wear them anymore. So I fall on the “Love” side of the shrug question. Here are three I’m working on.

UFO Shrug #1


This is one I’m designing for myself. I like the cover piece from Scarf Style but I don’t like to wear turtlenecks. I’ve seen a few examples of that piece in person and find the unshaped sleeves to be less than great. So… this is the beginning of a fitted sleeve which will eventually hook up with a V neck shrug body and another sleeve. I’m going to make a full set in sleeve since I think the neckline will work better that way. The yarn is Anny Blatt Aida in color #090 Capucine.

UFO Shrug # 2


I’ve got a pattern for this one. It’s the Isis Wrap from Interweave Knits, Summer ’05. It’s a pretty simple shape: cast on the back and work up and over to the front adding sleeves on the way. The lace pattern is what makes this an interesting knit. As is usual for me, I had to modify the pattern to fit but the simple shape made that very easy. Basically I just cast on for a few more lace pattern repeats.

The yarn is Garnstudio Silke #08, which I unearthed from my stash. Unfortunately that yarn is discontinued but they do have a tweed version now. If you’ve never looked at the Garnstudio website you should. They’ve got a treasure trove of free patterns. They put up nearly the entire contents of their Drops magazines. Go, download, you’re welcome.

UFO Shrug #3

 Originally I thought I only had two shrugs on the needles. Yeah, well… So here’s number 3*:

The pattern comes from Knit It! magazine. This is pretty much a house publication from Lion Brand Yarn so, of course, the patterns all call for their yarn. That doesn’t mean you have to use them though. The original was made with a bulky natural colored acrylic/wool yarn. It was pretty cute that way. I like this way better. I’m using Colinette Tagliatelli #48 Florentina. I got this yarn in a barter exchange with a friend. I got the yarn, she got me to sew up 2 or 3 of here sweaters.

My Friend ordered the yarn online and color she got was quite different from what she’d seen on the computer. There are always issues with ordering online if you’re not familiar with the yarn but Colinette is probably one of the worst. I love her yarns and colors but they can change – a lot – between dye lots. This is definitely a yarn you want to ALWAYS buy enough of for a project. You’ll never get a match from a different dye lot and maybe not even from the same lot. Anyway, her loss was my gain. I love the color.

The picture shows that this one is the closest to finished. The big piece is the back. The two triangles are the fronts and the sleeves are on the needles. It’s a raglan so there’s a long way to go on the sleeves. Once it’s sewn up it gets a wide, ribbed collar/edging too, so it’s not quite as far along as it looks.

That’s it for shrugs. Next time: shawls

* Yeah that does makes the UFO count 31, your point?

October 23, 2006

Thus With a Sock I Die

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 What’s here? A sock, clos’d in my mailman’s hand?
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.
O churl! knit all, and left no friendly yarn
To help me after? I will don thy socks.
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them
To make me die with a restorative.
My feet are warm! Then I’ll be brief. O happy socks!
These are thy feet; there rest, and let me die.*

 I went to the post office today to mail off my latest salvo in Sock Wars. When I got back I found and odd, squishy, blue package in the mail. I managed to open the plastic bag (eventually – all hail the gods of tape). Inside it was… another bag. Inside that? A bag. Next? Why look, it is a bag. I finally made it to the final layer and sure enough, a finished pair of socks.

Thus ends my career as a Sock Warrior, until next time anyway. My assassin did soften the blow with a pretty pair of silver and hematite earrings inside a little turquoise damask pouch. The note on the card said: I hope these socks find you well (and then kill you!) 🙂

* With apologies to Wm Shakespeare.

October 22, 2006

Shots Fired!

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This will be my third take down. Maybe I can manage one more before my own doom arrives? We’ll see…

Another shot fired in the ongoing conflict that is Sock Wars. These socks of doom were started by Thehouseminder and passed through the hands of at least one other assassin before finding their way to me. I completed the set and will be sending them on their way to take out another target as soon as the post office opens tomorrow. Watch your back Duchess of Gravity!

Before you ask, I have no idea what the yarn is. There weren’t any labels in the box, just yarn and about 3 quarters or so of the green sock.

October 20, 2006

UFO Parade – Part III

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Today’s UFOs are all sweaters for other people.

UFO Sweater 1

First up is a sweater for a friend of mine. Based on the responses to my socks, I guessing this will be today’s favorite. The picture came out much redder in tone than the real thing. The color is actually very similar to that of the JaWoll sock that everyone liked.

She doesn’t know I’m making it but she doesn’t know about this blog either so it shouldn’t be a problem. The pattern is Zigzag from Knitty. The yarn is Jo Sharp “Silk Road DK Tweed” in color #411 Granary. As you can see from the picture this one is almost done. I just need to finish the second sleeve and sew both sleeves on. This pattern is worked in the round so there will be minimal finishing. There aren’t even many yarn ends because this yarn splices beautifully.

UFO Sweater 2 

This sweater is for another friend. He does know about it which is good since he also knows about the blog.

The pattern is Spray from the Rowan Plaid book. I made this sweater out of Plaid a couple of years ago for my brother. It makes a nice, big gauge man’s sweater. This friend is a sports fan and asked for a sweater in San Jose Sharks colors. He even loaned me one of his Sharks trading cards to use as a color swatch. I took it with me to my LYS. The black and silver were pretty easy to come up with but the teal was more of a challenge. I was glad I had the card with me because everyone thought it should be more turquiose than it really is. I could only find two yarns in the whole store that were the right color. One was an Adrianne Vitadini boucle – not so great for a man’s sweater. I picked the other one. I’m holding three strands together to get gauge, one each of elsebeth lavold’s Angora #6 and Silky Wools #003 & #33. It’s going to be a very warm sweater but the friend it’s for goes to Lake Tahoe in the winter time so he should get some use out of it.

UFO Sweater 3

Sweater #3 is a store sample for my LYS. Since the whole thing is beige and my apartment carpet is beige… I put it on my quilt to photograph. This quilt was a present from a friend. I’d admired it while she was working on it and when it was done she gave it to me! I really wasn’t angling for that but I sure don’t regret that she took my admiration that way. 

 The pattern is Alda from Anny Blatt book #191. It’s classic Anny Blatt so there are lots of different yarns called for but the bulk of it is Cashmir Anny (a merino/cashmere blend). As a shop sample I’m trying to use exactly the yarn called for in the pattern. I came close. The only change is the Kanpur silk. The store didn’t have the right color in stock so I went on shade lighter. You can see it as the pale dividing line between the furry stuff on the multi textured sleeve. That little strip on the needle is the the first of seven pieces which, when assembled, make the front of the sweater. To be honest, I’m not sure how much time this sweater will spend in the store; it’s the owner’s size and she loves beige.

UFO Sweater 4

The last entry today is another friend sweater also shown on the quilt for contrast.

The pattern is from a Jaeger magazine (sorry, I don’t have the number). The yarn is Jaeger “Trinity” in colors 444, 445 & 430. The pattern called for a fourth, higher contrast color but the shop didn’t have it. I altered the striping sequence to use only three colors. I think it actually looks better with the more suble stripes that resulted. My friend likes it too. She picked out the pattern and yarn for this so she’d better like it.  I’m making it as part of a barter exchange. This friend and her husband have a cottage business making custom stuffed animals. They make a couple for me and I’m making sweaters for her. I also dressed one of their creations, an anthropomophic sheep, in a three-piece knitted suit. Not too surprisingly, the person who bought owns a yarn shop. You can see some of their critters on their website: Stuffe & Nonsense.

This ends part three of the UFO Parade – now back to knitting on my next “Sock of Doom”.

October 19, 2006

UFO Parade, Part II

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Today’s entry in the parade of unfinished projects is all about hand coverings. I’ve got three projects in this catagory.


First up today is the first in a pair of gloves I’m making up as I go.

The yarn is the very lovely Lane Borgosesia “Bollicina” in color #17,  which is a deeper red than appears here. This yarn is 65% cashmere and 35% silk. Yeah that’s not going to feel good at all.  The pattern includes lots of little details, like short rows across the knuckles, which should make them extra comfortable to wear. I’ve also got some black “Gala” which I plan to put around the cuffs covering the ribbing with sparkly ‘fur’.


This pair of nearly complete mittens is another experiment.

The yarn is Madil “Rebus” in colors 935, 936 & 937. I’d made a scarf and hat out of this stuff and had a fair amount left over. I decided mittens were in order. I finished the hat while I was at my LYS and I didn’t have anything else with me to work on, nor did I have any extra needles. So I decided to try a technique I’d heard of which allows you to knit a tube on two straight needles by slipping every other stitch. Since you need to slip the stitches purl-wise with the yarn in front, I decided it would be easier to just work the mittens inside out. This way every row after the garter stitch cuff would be purl anyway which would cut done on the yarn manipulation and reduce the chances of goofing it up. I made it through the first mitten just fine, though the thumb is a little wider than necessary. The second mitten… you see that little bit of coral colored plastic in the middle of the palm? That’s a stitch holder marking the stitch that crossed the tube. It’s a bit of a problem. Given the texture of the yarn, I think I can just clip it and weave in an extra bit of yarn to fix the hole. The only other choice would be to frog the whole thing back and… I don’t wanna. I’ll probably finish these soon so I can wear the whole set this winter. They go very nicely with my fuschia wool coat.

By the way that technique – knitting tubes flat – is fabulous for small tubes like glove fingers. You know how fiddly those are with so few stitches on multiple needles. This technique keeps all the stitches on one needle. I’m using it to work the fingers on my red gloves and it’s definitely a winner.


This one is barely started.

The yarn is Noro “Big Kuryon”. I don’t have the color number because some else provide the – already balled – yarn and I never saw the label. These are going to be the cabled fingerless mittens from, I think, Stitch ‘n Bitch: Nation. I’ve already made one pair for myself. These are for the owner of my LYS. Given how much I’ve procrastinated on them though, I think I’ll give her mine which I’ve never worn. This pair will then replace them.

That’s the end of today’s UFOs. Stay tuned for more, lots more.

I won’t be making any progress  on the UFOs today or tomorrow. I’ve received the next unfinished sock for Sock Wars and I need to work on that so I can kill another target 🙂

October 18, 2006

UFOs Part 1

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I finally got a digital camera yesterday. Now I can start documenting all those lovely UFOs I’ve been talking about. Since we’re still in Socktober, I’ll start with the socks.

UFO Sock #1

This pair was started about a week ago. I’m using the rib pattern from the Sock Wars “Sock of Doom” but otherwise this is my personal, default sock pattern. The yarn is Koigu KPPPM in color #P118A and I’m using size 1US needles for a stockinette gauge of 8.5 sts to the inch. These are my current commuter knitting. Given the simplicity of the pattern, I should finish these quickly.

UFO Sock #2

 This pair was started some time ago but set aside for deadline knitting. The yarn is Claudia Handpaints. I don’t have the labels handy so that’s the only info your getting on it, sorry. The yarn was a “just because” gift from a couple of knitting friends. Even though I’m using the same size (1US) needles and the yarn looks very similar to Koigu, I’m getting a slightly different gauge: 8 sts. / inch in stockinette. Again this is my generic sock with a lace pattern from Barbara Walker (from the second treasury I think) called Fawn’s Eye. It’s a pretty simple pattern to execute but it doesn’t have any plain rows so I have to pay a bit more attention to it. I’ll probably manage to finish these this month but no promises 😉

UFO Sock #3

 Here’s the final sock in the parade:

 Not even half of a pair yet and I started these ages ago. The yarn is of course JaWoll in color #0095. I’m using size 0US for these since this yarn is somewhat lighter in weight than the others. This gives me a stitch gauge in stockinette of 11 stitches per inch. Yikes! That’s going to be a lot of stitches before I have a pair.  They’ll be very nice though. I do like the fabric I’m getting here. These socks will be comfortable in any of my shoes.  Yes, this is once again my standard pattern, with more stiches (90 cast on) obviously. This time I’m using the classic Horseshoe Lace. The sock is actually based on one from Vogue’s On the Go: Socks II book. That pattern called for JaWoll but was much too small as written for my feet so I modified.

That’s it for the first part of the UFO list. I’ll try to take more pictures tonight and get more of the list posted.

PS: Like my nifty sock blocker? Why yes, it is a bent wire hanger with a white knee-high covering it. How’d you guess? The funny thing is that I was just eyeballing it while I bent it and yet it turned out to be exactly the same length as my feet. Go figure.

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